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Why education scholarships are so much essential – listen to what Eric J Dalius has to say

Eric Dalius

Why education scholarships are so much essential – listen to what Eric J Dalius has to say

Students who find it hard to meet the expenses of higher education look upon scholarships as the most crucial support to achieve their educational dreams. As the cost of education keeps spiraling, the demand for scholarships is also growing Eric J Dalius. Despite numerous scholarships floating around that cater to various student groups belonging to the different strata of the society. It is never easy to get one.Matching the qualifying criteria that consider a myriad of factors from merit to economic status like the income group to which one belongs can be quite challenging.

Scholarships have a certain degree of prestige attached to it because it recognizes the student’s academic abilities and achievement. However, its economic impact in providing financial support assumes a lot of importance because it is impossible to access higher education in the US without scholarships, says Eric Dalius.

Scholarships have become essential for most of the students keen on graduating with a college degree in the US due to the prohibitively high cost of accessing higher education. What makes scholarships so much of a compelling need for students will become clear from this article.

College education expense is skyrocketing by Eric J Dalius

College education in the US has spiraled over the years. If it was expensive a few decades ago today. It has gone through the roof, says Eric J Dalius. An education enthusiast who financially supports deserving students to achieve their higher education goals. The yearly cost comprising of fees, tuition, room, and board. During 2017-18 for public schools in the states was $20,770, and the same for non-profit private schools was $46,950.  School costs move upward every year while accounting for inflation. Considering that 13.3 million students go to institutions that offer 4-year courses. And 6.7 million students going to institutions that offer 2-year courses, you can imagine the financial burden that students must bear.

Parents cannot afford the money

While it may sound unbelievable that parents do not have money, indeed, what they have is not enough to fund their children’s college education. Despite their best intentions, the amount they can gather to contribute to education falls short of the total requirement. Studies have revealed that families can no longer fund their children’s higher education, and they need more assistance that comes in the form of scholarships. According to EJ Dalius, only around 33% of parents can afford about $5,000 for their children’s education, which leaves a wide gap that can be narrowed or bridged only if students can manage to get some scholarships.

College living cost has gone up

Boarding costs have gone up substantially over the years, which have stressed students who prefer to pursue residential courses. Also, the prices of books, food, and supplies have even gone up. As living expenses keep rising along with the education expenses. The burden of extra money turns students towards scholarships. That can help to mitigate the financial hardships to a great extent. Since earning a college degree can ensure a promising future, investing in higher education makes good sense. But only if you can manage some scholarship to meet the high expense

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