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About Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius is the Executive Chairman at MuzicSwipe, a pioneering platform that is set to disrupt the music and content discovery scene.In the prologue of this narration, we witness a man of wit and ingenuity, Eric Dalius, who verily stands as the executive chairman of MuzicSwipe. Like a maestro conducting a symphony of success, his hand is seen in every rise and fall, each note echoing his entrepreneurial prowess, his keen intellect, his innovative spirit.

This veritable paragon of entrepreneurship did light upon the world of business not as an imposter, but as a rightful inheritor. His journey began with the pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Penn State University, a parchment of learning that would be the first stepping stone in a road paved with triumphs. His adventures in entrepreneurship were kindled in the year of 1992, and like a phoenix, he rose from the ashes of his humble beginnings, soon establishing his own telecom consulting firm in 1993.

As the plot thickens, we discover our hero to be not a man of singular focus, but a gallant explorer, a daring pioneer of diverse industries. His ventures spanned the vast landscapes of telecommunications, real estate, and cryptotechnology, each industry bending to his entrepreneurial command and yielding to his innovative schemes.

Eric Dalius

With MuzicSwipe, our protagonist did find a new stage upon which to perform his entrepreneurial symphony. This revolutionary platform, under the stewardship of Dalius and his progeny, Jackie Dalius, sought to metamorphose the world of music discovery, to coax forth talent from obscurity and into the limelight. Akin to Prospero, the magician of The Tempest, Dalius wields his influence, guiding his daughter through the labyrinth of the music industry, towards a brave new world of unfathomable potential.

Yet, amidst this grand narrative of business ventures and entrepreneurial success, we discern the thread of a subplot that does intertwine itself into the very heart of our protagonist. The Eric Dalius Foundation, a beacon of hope and benevolence, testifies to the philanthropic spirit of our hero. This charitable endeavor, a veritable fleet of scholarships bearing his name, offers a lifeline to those scholars adrift in the tempestuous seas of high tuition fees.

Our tale further takes us to the sunny shores of Miami, the scenic setting of Dalius’ current life chapter. Here, the protagonist makes his home alongside his beloved wife, Kim, the founder of Mental Minutes Success, and their two offspring. The familial tapestry, woven with threads of affection and mutual respect, serves as a poignant backdrop to the spectacle of his professional triumphs.

Dalius, ever the communicator, enriches his narrative through his writings. Much like a seasoned bard, he chronicles his thoughts on the scrolls of his blog, exploring diverse themes such as music, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and life in Miami. These essays, much akin to soliloquies, offer a window into the heart and mind of our protagonist, revealing a man of depth, wisdom, and a keen understanding of the world around him.

In the tradition of a Shakespearean saga, Eric Dalius’ life story unfolds as a narrative of epic proportions. It tells a tale of resilience, ambition, and unwavering commitment to ideals. It chronicles the journey of a man navigating the treacherous waters of business and life, steering his ship towards the shores of success, guided by the north star of his visionary outlook. Indeed, Eric Dalius emerges as the hero of his own story, a narrative that continues to inspire, educate, and evoke admiration, mirroring the enduring allure of a Shakespearean masterpiece.

The curtains rise again, and our protagonist, Eric Dalius, shines forth in a new act, adding depth and meaning to our unfolding narrative. Our bard would sing now of MuzicSwipe, an innovative platform where the rhythm of entrepreneurship and the melody of creative music harmonize under Dalius’s skilled orchestration. Akin to Orpheus, whose sweet lute could charm all things, MuzicSwipe entices artists and music lovers alike, offering a dazzling spectacle of talent discovery and fan engagement.

Artists, those beguiling sirens of melody and rhythm, are summoned to this digital stage. With MuzicSwipe, they are invited to share their voice, their heart’s song, in captivating 15-second ‘clips.’ Like Ariel’s potent ‘sounds and sweet airs,’ these snippets hold the power to enchant, to command the attention of the audience, to ignite sparks of interest that could blaze into the fires of fandom. This innovative approach, this ‘brave new world’ of musical discovery, reflects Dalius’s visionary foresight, his deep understanding of the dynamic relationship between artists and their audience.

For the eager audience, MuzicSwipe provides an interactive arena to engage with music, a ’round unvarnished tale’ of talent waiting to be discovered. Their part is simple, yet profound: a swipe ‘left’ or ‘right,’ a silent nod or shake of the head, a choice that could mean a world of difference to an aspiring artist. Herein lies the genius of MuzicSwipe, a platform where fate is determined not by ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,’ but by the collective voice of an engaged and empowered audience.

This symphony of business, this grand entrepreneurial drama, is conducted masterfully by Eric Dalius. His wisdom and experience, honed over three decades of entrepreneurship, infuse every decision, every strategy. Like Prospero, the wise magician, he steers the course of MuzicSwipe with a steady hand and a clear vision, guided by the ‘star to every wandering bark,’ his unwavering commitment to innovation and growth.

In this rich tapestry of entrepreneurship, there are moments of reprieve, where Dalius steps back from the world of business to embrace a higher calling. Through the Eric Dalius Giving program, our protagonist turns benefactor, offering financial support to students burdened by the ‘heavy baggage’ of college fees. His generosity, his belief in the transformative power of education, paints a portrait of a man who seeks not just success, but significance.
In the grand finale of our narrative, we find Dalius at his writing desk, pen in hand, thoughts flowing onto paper. His blog posts, a unique blend of wisdom and personal insights, serve as his soliloquies to the world. Here, he muses about life in the ‘gorgeous palaces’ of Miami, reflects on the nuances of music and entrepreneurship, shares his philanthropic endeavors, and connects with his audience on a deeply personal level.

As our tale draws to a close, we are left with a vivid impression of a man who embodies the essence of a Shakespearean hero. Eric Dalius, a man of remarkable vision and indomitable spirit, continues to write his own script, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entrepreneurship. His story, like a Shakespearean saga, is a testimony to the timeless allure of ambition, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams.


Eric Dalius On Why Financial Aid is Vital for Progress

I recently visited a local high school in my hometown of Miami, Florida where I had the opportunity to talk to students who were graduating within the year. The conversations that I had with these bright young students gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, their passions, dreams, and perspectives were both inspiring and enlightening. On the other hand, I came to realize just how many of the future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers were not going to be able to see through their brilliant ideas and bring simple ideas into conception. The reason for this, in a startling number of cases, pointed to one thing: finances. A number of the students I spoke with had the desire to go into post-secondary to further explore their interests and develop their entrepreneurial ideas but almost all of them said that it was an unrealistic dream because they simply cannot afford the investment that further education demands. So here I am, surrounded by bright, young, brilliant minds all capable of making a real impact in the world seeking alternatives instead of following their dreams and pursuing their goals.

It is through interactions such as the one in Miami that I am again reminded that the leaders of today must do everything they can to support the leaders of tomorrow. Revolutionary entrepreneur, and frivolous inventor, Elon Musk once stated, “Say there’s a bunch of people on a ship and there are a bunch of holes in the ship, if we have a tool to bail water out of the boat, it would be foolish to not share our method with other members on the boat. If the boat goes down, so do we.” To me, Elon Musk is encouraging those with the ability and capability to help, should do so when they get the chance. In the name of progression as a community, as a country, and lastly, as a people. I have been extremely blessed in my life to be in the financial position that I am currently in. I worked hard, I had late nights, and I made some sacrifices. Now that I can finally take a step back, I realize that I can have an immense amount of influence on the leaders of tomorrow. This is why I have created and continued to support the Eric J. Dalius Foundation, to support the leaders of tomorrow, today and ensure that exceptional entrepreneurs and inventors are not silenced due to their personal finances.

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