Eric J. Dalius Foundation

Providing talented students in need with the resources necessary to attend an accredited U.S. colleges or universities.

“Through the Eric J. Dalius Foundation we want to create opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders and ensure they have all the resources they need in order to succeed.”

Eric Dalius


Our Founder

Eric J. Dalius began his career in marketing before turning his attention to education. Through his foundation, Eric strives to ensure that America’s best and brightest aren’t held back from a successful future just because they can’t afford to attend a post-secondary institution. 

About the

Eric J Dalius Foundation

Established in June of 2018, the Eric J. Dalius Foundation strives to ensure that deserving American youth are given the opportunity to attend accredited universities or colleges. Recognizing that there are thousands of Americans with great potential that currently do not have the means to attend post-secondary school, successful entrepreneur and marketing professional Eric Dalius decided to make a change. 

By starting the Eric J. Dalius Foundation, Eric has ensured that deserving students are able to gain the academic tools they need in order to be successful. In Eric’s own life, his education at Penn State University in Marketing provided him with a number of useful skills that have aided him in his professional career. 

In 2019, the Eric J. Dalius Foundation has a goal of providing $50,000 worth of financial aid to students in need

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