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Eric Dalius Foundation

Creating financial options for American students.

Eric Dalius

Our goal; make certain tomorrow’s leaders possess the tools and resources needed to achieve success.”

-Eric Dalius


Our Founder

Serial Entrepreneur Eric Dalius has established the Eric Dalius Foundation. Through multiple scholarships, all bearing his name, Eric seeks to make certain that the best and brightest of Americas students achieve their goals by completing their post-secondary education

About Eric Dalius Foundation

“The Eric Dalius Foundation was founded in June 2018 with the goal of providing access to higher education for deserving American youth. As a successful entrepreneur, Eric Dalius recognized the problem quickly, that way too many talented and motivated students lack the basic financial means to attend America’s university’s and/or colleges. To address the issue head on, the foundation established partnerships with universities across the US to 1) connect students and scholarships and 2) provide resources needed to help students complete their post-secondary education. In short, the Eric Dalius Foundation is dedicated to helping deserving students achieve their educational goals.”

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