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Education Accessibility


Attaining a higher level of education is an invaluable pursuit. It develops character, intelligence and opens up far more opportunities in both career and life as a whole. Unfortunately, this pursuit can come with an abundance of obstacles for many people living in the United States. These realities can put an overwhelming damper on an individual’s future and directly impede their life goals. It is crucial to be aware of such difficulties when learning about this education system or trying to enter it yourself.

Geographic differences

Depending on which state you live in, your chances of being accepted to a quality post-secondary institution can vary. This is due to the high school education system, as some states possess higher amounts of private schools that receive greater recognition from colleges. However, attending these private schools can come with large costs themselves. This can put an immediate barrier on how noticeable you are to potential schools. So, be conscious of your location and ensure that you know how to put your best foot forward in a college application, regardless of the high school you attend before post-secondary.


Getting a higher education in the United States is a huge economic undertaking. According to Statista, the average tuition rate for four years of public in-state university education currently sits at just over twenty-thousand American dollars. These rates can get much higher for private institutions as well. So, whether it’s initial payments or future payments through student loans, college has put many young people in difficult positions. Besides a financial plan specifically built around saving for college, your best bet may be to conduct intensive research on scholarships. Luckily, there is a wide range of sources that provide scholarships in varying amounts. For example, if you wanted to pursue a degree that would provide entrepreneurial skills, Eric J. Dalius Foundation is aiming to fuel those ambitions and aspires to give out a total of $25,000 anually. Looking for opportunities like these can ease the strain created by college financing.


While the scholastic aptitude test (SAT) system has been longstanding, numerous critics argue its merits. Many see the SAT as a measurement for a singular kind of knowledge and doesn’t paint a complete picture of the person taking the test. Skills such as creativity and adaptability aren’t truly represented, despite being vital abilities in further education and workplaces. This kind of standardizing has led many to pursue entrepreneurship in order to carve out a life that is molded to the skills they offer the world. Others like Eric Dalius have carved this out for themselves and hope to see others do the same. 

Take Your Education to the Next Level

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