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Top 10 Emerging Artists to Discover: Curated by Eric Dalius

Top 10 emerging artists to discover in 2023

Numerous talented artists, both well-known and emerging, have produced some of the finest songs in 2022. However, with 2023 in full swing, keeping our eyes and ears open for upcoming artists poised to make a significant impact is always a good idea.

The sheer variety of musical talent emerging in pop, hip-hop, and indie-rock means there’s something for everyone to look forward to. With that in mind, here is a list of emerging artists to discover that have piqued our interest in 2023.

Thomas Headon

Thomas Headon, a 21-year-old bedroom-pop songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, features an emo-influenced voice and sun-soaked melodies that appeal to fans of artists such as Alfie Templeman, Harry Styles, and The 1975.

Although his writing touches commercial pop music, it remains rooted in clear indie sounds. Thomas Headon’s sugar-coated, breezy music reminds us of the sunny disposition often found in 80s power-pop, which is refreshing for those eager for the resurgence of guitar bands. With his growing fanbase and striking looks likely to attract numerous fans, Thomas Headon has earned the top spot on our list of emerging artists to discover in 2023.

Thomas Headon – Meet Me At Our Spot | Deezer Sessions (Paris)

Wet Leg

Wet Leg has garnered much attention lately, and it’s not without reason. The indie-punk duo from the Isle of Wight impressed with their debut single, “Chaise Longue,” featuring unique spoken-word lyrics and a touch of surreal humor.

Surprisingly, the song even made it to the US Alternative Songs chart, highlighting the growing interest in unconventional guitar-based music. Wet Leg has since released two follow-up singles, “Wet Dream” and “Too Late Now,” showcasing their versatility and creativity. With its first album released in March 2022, the band has left its mark on the music industry and will continue improvising and making great music for its fans in 2023. Exciting times are ahead for Wet Leg!

Wet Leg – “Angelica” from the album ‘Wet Leg’ out now on Domino


In June 2021, Jacob Lusk, who is a singer and choirmaster based in LA, delivered a captivating performance of “Love and Hate in A Different Time” during the lockdown on Later with Jools Holland. Ahead of the year’s end, he released his first and second EPs under the name “Gabriels.”

With his divine singing voice, Lusk encompasses the spirits of renowned artists such as Curtis Mayfield and Bobby Womack. His repertoire features a variety of piano-based jazz and gospel-tinged soul songs that express both pain and longing.

These tracks are entrenched in stylish and sensual production elements. “Gabriels” delicately balances classic and exploratory genres, making a full-length album by the artist an awe-inspiring prospect. For these reasons, we have included him in our list of emerging artists to discover in 2023.

The official music video for Angels & Queens by Gabriels.

Yard Act

Yard Act’s post-punk style, characterized by dark humor and cynicism, resembles that of Mark E Smith, the long-lost son of The Fall. Their music has the potential to revive the indie scene, with lead singer James Smith’s biting social commentary and vivid character sketches reminiscent of Jarvis Cocker’s work.

The band hails from Leeds and is poised to become one of the top names in UK music in 2023, with their satirical and quintessentially British style satirizing Middle England.

Yard Act has the potential to be a highlight at music festivals, and, who knows, they might even be nominated for the Mercury Prize.

From the debut album by Yard Act “The Overload” out now

Mia Rodriguez

Mia Rodriguez, a TikTok personality turned pop singer from Sydney, has amplified her music game by releasing her single Billion Dollar Bitch in 2021. The track, featuring Yung Baby Tate, has a catchy tune, a thumping bass, and a Latin-flavored vibe.

Rodriguez has departed from her previous e-girl style and has acquired an appearance that embodies gothic glamor. She impresses as an unconventional and peculiar upcoming artist with a modernized R&B emphasis. Her popularity in Australia has skyrocketed after winning Best New Artist at the 2021 Rolling Stone Australia Awards.

Mia’s unique sound and quirky image have earmarked her as the most exciting artist to watch out for in 2023. She has the potential to become a global sensation, and there is no doubt that she will produce smash hits that will take the world by storm.

The official video for Mia Rodriguez’s “I LUV U”.

Yung Filly

Yung Filly has gained popularity as a YouTube personality since starting his channel in 2013. He is a comedian and a rapper who collaborated with his fellow YouTuber, Chunkz, for the UK Top 40 hit “Hold” in 2020.

His solo music career took off after his 100 Bags Freestyle video went viral, gathering 1.7 million views. The track showcased his smooth rap flow with drill-influenced beats. Yung Filly’s YouTube channel has amassed more than 1 million subscribers to date. Fans are excited to see how his rap career progresses, especially now that the UK drill has hit the mainstream with songs like “Body” by Russ Millions and Tion Wayne reaching No.1.

Yung Filly – 100 Bags Freestyle (Official Video)

Dylan Fraser

Dylan Fraser, a singer-songwriter from Scotland, incorporates indie sounds while exploring diverse sonic elements such as electronic beats and rap-inspired vocal effects. Fraser’s debut EP, The Storm, released in 2020, encompasses various genres and features folk storytelling that draws from his upbringing in Bathgate, Scotland.

Inspired by various artists, including Kanye West, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, and Lorde, Fraser’s music has an alternative flair that deviates from the traditional guitar-driven genre. A talented young artist only in his 20s, Fraser’s abilities have yet to peak, and his unique approach will surely bring exciting innovations to the music industry in 2023.

Dylan Fraser – I’d Rather Be Here [Official Lyric Video]


Scottish artist, Joesef, has been slowly developing his music catalog for several years. However, his recent debut album, “Permanent Damage,” is his grandest platform yet. Joesef’s music dwells in an intriguing gray zone between R&B, soul, indie pop, and alternative rock.

Yet, at the core of his music lies his incredibly versatile tenor. Joesef has a unique sound that cannot be replicated, and his tunes are suitable for both a funky night out and a gloomy Sunday morning.

If you’re sampling some Joesef music for the first time, his 2020 single “Does It Make You Feel Good?” as well as his track “Just Come Home with Me Tonight” from “Permanent Damage” are excellent starting points.

Biig Piig

Biig Piig has demonstrated growth as an artist, evident in her strengths. In her 2020 song, “Feels Right,” the Irish singer and songwriter combined her delicate voice with a funky, uplifting rhythm.

However, she transformed her sound into something more unexpected and stylized on The Sky Is Bleeding EP in 2021. Biig Piig has collaborated with numerous artists and alternates between English and Spanish. However, 2023 is anticipated to be another dynamic and captivating year for Biig Piig. So, follow her Instagram page for the latest news and updates.

Biig Piig – Don’t Turn Around (Official Video)


Babygirl, an indie pop duo hailing from Canada, is on a quest for timeless music. Their EP “Losers Weepers,” released in 2021, includes some melancholy hits, particularly their song “Nevermind.” Known for drawing from their introspective emotions to create moody tracks, “Nevermind” injected a dose of grit and liveliness into the EP, which carried over to their other songs.

Vocalist Kiki Frances has a talent for crafting meaningful and occasionally comedic lyrics that are delivered with a touch of nostalgia. As they prepare to release new music, Babygirl is poised to make 2023 their biggest year yet.

Babygirl – Always (Official Music Video)

Wrapping Up

Some artists grow in popularity, while others become so beloved that we can’t help but think, “Why did it take so long for us to discover them?” Every year, a few select musicians gain well-deserved recognition; the same will be true for 2023. With our list of the top 10 emerging artists to discover in 2023, you can rest assured that you will find something you can binge-listen to for the remaining year and beyond!

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