The Five Most Popular Music Genres on Streaming Platforms

Exploring the Relationship Between Music Labels and Streaming Platforms

If you are a music fan, chances are that you likely use streaming platforms to discover and listen to songs. After all, there is no shortage of music on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and all other streaming platforms. But have you ever wondered what the most popular and most streamed genres are on these platforms? […]

Benefits of Hiring a Music Manager

Benefits of music manager

Musicians need to think about getting a music manager at some point in their career, particularly if they truly wish to create a strong foothold in the industry. It is hard establishing a career in music, and there’s a lot that you need to do. For instance, you need to engage with your fans, communicate […]

How is Streaming Changing the Music Industry

Music streaming

Music has evolved over the years, but so has how we listen to it. With the rise of globalization and innovation, new platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have emerged. And these have undoubtedly transformed the music listening experience. Decades ago, we would have to go to the nearest record store to buy physical copies […]

4 Ways Music Can Make You a Better Person

Music can make you a better person

Think about the last time you listened to music. What was going through your mind? Were you stressed out about a project at work? Were you trying to get pumped up for a workout? Music can affect our moods and emotions in a variety of ways. This blog post will discuss four ways in which […]

How to Create a Music Blog

Creating a music blog.

Approximately 68% of people aged 12 or above listen to music every day. This fact, along with the emergence of new artists and genres, shows that the music business is a booming one. And this industry is not only for musicians looking for chart success, but virtually for anyone who is passionate about music and […]

How Music Tastes Differ Between the Rich and the Poor

Poor people may have limited music access options compared to rich people.

The wealth disparities between groups can have many wide reaching impacts you might never have considered. For example, rich people can afford more healthy food options than poor people can. Similarly, rich people can afford to live in pollution-free neighborhoods while poor people may be forced to live in polluted neighborhoods. You might be shocked […]

How Music Streaming Helps the Environment

Music streaming helps the environment

It’s no secret that the music industry has undergone massive changes recently. With the advent of music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, CD sales have decreased, and there’s been an overall decline in music revenue. While this may seem like bad news for the music industry, it’s quite beneficial for the environment. If […]

How Social Media, YouTube, and Other Digital Channels Have Helped Artists

Anyone can upload their music to digital platforms these days.

Making it as a musician has never been easy. Building up your musical skills can be difficult enough, but recording music and finding a record label who is willing to release your music is even harder. The good news is that social media, Youtube, and other digital channels have made it easier for aspiring musicians […]

How Reading Can Improve Songwriting

A songwriter is writing lyrics for a song.

Writing is a crucial skill that songwriters must have because it allows them to produce deep and meaningful lyrics that have the potential to turn into top-quality songs, which can turn into record-breaking hits, serving as the catalyst artists need to progress their careers further. However, if you’re not an avid reader, you may have […]

How Music Streaming Uses Machine Learning?

A concept image for benefits of machine learning

Are you wondering how music streaming uses machine learning? If you’re an avid listener, you may feel like your favorite app exhibits psychic powers. Instead of magic spells, audio-streaming platforms use AI technology to nurture connections. Data analysis and diagnosis help them refine user journeys across touchpoints. These sites collect user data to personalize listening […]