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Scholarships in education are much more than mere financial assistance, feels Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Scholarships in education are much more than mere financial assistance, feels Eric Dalius

Education in the US had never been very affordable. The way the costs have increased over the years, it has become quite difficult for numerous students to access quality education after passing out of high school. Bright young students graduating from high school and keen to pursue their passions and dreams find themselves in a tight spot as they are unable to enroll in their chosen college or university due to the high cost that they cannot afford Eric Dalius .

This has been the experience of Eric Dalius while speaking to students, as he now takes an interest in education after completing a long and successful career in marketing. The scene is the same across the country as the cost of education is much more than what students and their families can afford. Affordability is still a constraint despite the student families contributing to the more significant part of the financial package.

Unaffordable education

Tuition fees in the United States are notoriously high because the higher education system does not receive subsidies from the federal government. This puts meritorious and aspiring students in a fix. Despite having the will, they lack the means to arrange for finances that are too much of a burden for them even if they take help from their family, observes Eric J Dalius. Although scholarships and grants are available, these are mostly for students with high academic achievement and students belonging to the low-income group. Students in between have no choices but to give up their dreams of pursuing higher education for want of money .

Costs are just too much high

The numbers related to education cost in the US will be a revelation for many. During the academic year of 2015-16, the yearly price of undergraduate tuition was $ 16,757 in public institutions. That included fees, room, and board.  The same for private institutions was $43,065, according to the US Department of Education’s publication in 2018. As compared to the academic year 2005-06, there has been an increase of 34%. Despite several fundings available exclusively for American students. It is just not enough to fulfill the need of many others belonging to the same category. 

Scholarships are the silver lining

Although every student’s story is different. EJ Dalius realized that providing sufficient scholarship assistance. To make higher education more accessible to more students. Supporting most of the deserving students with scholarships is the only way to help them graduate with their degree. And allow them to pay back to society. Receiving support from their community motivates students to make. It through their higher education as it instills a greater sense of belongingness.

Receiving scholarships from the community makes students more accountable to the people. It creates a sense of gratitude that inspires them to make the most of the opportunity so that someday. In a sense, scholarships are much more than mere financial assistance; it is a package of encouragement that reminds students of their roots that motivate them to excel. 

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