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How to Discover New Songs on Apple Music?

New songs on Apple Music

Do you find yourself stuck in a musical rut? Are you dissatisfied with your Apple Music Replay? Consider shaking things up in 2023 by utilizing the discovery features available on Apple Music to explore new albums, artists, and songs.

The process of discovering new music can be daunting, but it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and where to begin your search. If you’re hoping to receive personalized recommendations based on your listening history, there are various playlists and sections that cater to your existing library. However, if you’re interested in venturing into uncharted territory and exploring new genres, there are resources available for that as well.

In this article, we will focus on the Apple Music app for iPhone users. Nevertheless, these playlists and options should also be accessible on iPad, Mac, Android devices, and the web.

1. Use the “For You” Section

You can start your music discovery journey by checking out the For You playlists. These tailored playlists include the Favorites Mix, Chill Mix, and Get Up! Mix and are updated every week, featuring tracks from your library. This helps you rediscover your old favorites.

The New Music Mix is also a great resource, updated every Friday with new releases from artists. This playlist includes songs from artists that align with your tastes, even if you’re not familiar with them. Additionally, the Friends Mix pulls in songs that your Apple Music followers are listening to and updates every Thursday.

2. Explore the “Listen Now” Feature

Listen Now is another great tool for discovering personalized new music. Located in the first tab of the Apple Music app, it serves as your ultimate hub for music discovery. Listen Now displays albums similar to your music library, provides programmatic radio stations, and showcases music from different eras.

You can also find a section called New Releases on the Listen Now screen, although it’s somewhat hidden. Apple uses this section to showcase new albums from artists already in your library. Rather than keeping track of hundreds of artists in your library and their release schedules, you can find the new releases highlighted by Apple every week.

3. Browse Playlists

To find new music, you often have to break away from algorithmic cycles and explore entirely new melodies. The Browse section of the Apple Music app is an excellent starting point for this. Apple utilizes human curation to determine some of the music in this section, making it more geared toward the general public. Although you may come across a lot of music that you don’t like, you can make some serendipitous discoveries.

The Browse section is usually refreshed every Friday when new albums and songs are released. The promotional images typically relate to present events, newly curated playlists, and popular artists.

When you scroll down the screen, you can browse music according to mood, which might be one of the best ways to discover music that matches your current vibe. City Charts provide a ranking of popular songs in select cities around the world, and there are also charts available for countries. At the bottom of the screen, there are even more options to explore, including a manual scroll through nearly 100 different categories and genres.

4. Listen to the Radio

Another great way to discover new music on Apple Music is to listen to the radio in the Radio tab. Apple Music radio features three top radio stations, including Apple Music Country, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music 1, which play the latest music from various genres.

You can even listen to featured stations created by experts and make your custom radio stations from artists or songs you pick. Chances are, if you like that particular song or artist, you will like the music the radio station plays. To create a customized radio station, tap and hold a song or artist and tap “Create Station.”

5. Ask Siri for Suggestions

Using Siri, whether on your iPhone or HomePod, is a convenient way to play music. There are many times when you would want to listen to music but don’t know what to ask for. In such cases, you can take advantage of the numerous Just Ask Siri playlists categorized by situations or mood.

For instance, you can ask Siri for playlists such as Singing in the Shower, Jogging, On the Train, Leave Me Alone, or Family Breakfast, depending on your mood. The idea is that you can request a playlist that aligns with your current needs without having to know whether a playlist for it already exists.

If nothing works, you can always say, “Hey Siri, play some of the latest songs,” to start playing tracks you have not heard before.

6. Use the Search Bar

Streaming services let you listen to music on demand. You just type the name of the artist or the song you wish to listen to and play the tracks that pop up. Apple Music, however, takes things a step further when it comes to song searches. Apart from typing the artist’s or song’s name, you can search for the type of music you wish to listen to. You can be quite specific too, and get some incredible results. For instance, just type “hip-hop workout music” or “80s rock hits,” and you will get several playlists to pick from.

Another way to discover new artists using the search feature is by visiting the pages of artists you already follow. You can scroll down to find “Similar artists” who belong to the same genre or create similar music. Although it may take some time to listen to their songs and albums, starting with their “Essentials” playlist, if available, is a great way to get started. These playlists are created by Apple’s music editors, who have a good track record of selecting the artist’s best songs.

7. Follow Artists and Curators

You can follow your favorite artists and curators on Apple Music to stay updated on their latest releases and recommendations. You’ll receive notifications when they release new music or create new playlists.

Wrapping Up

Apple Music offers several ways to discover new songs, from personalized recommendations to curated playlists and radio stations. By using the tips mentioned above, you can expand your music library and discover new songs you will surely enjoy.

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