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How Social Media, YouTube, and Other Digital Channels Have Helped Artists

Anyone can upload their music to digital platforms these days.

Making it as a musician has never been easy. Building up your musical skills can be difficult enough, but recording music and finding a record label who is willing to release your music is even harder. The good news is that social media, Youtube, and other digital channels have made it easier for aspiring musicians to find their footing. Let’s examine how.

The Challenges of Becoming a Famous Musician in the Pre-Digital Era

People who wished to become famous musicians in the pre-digital era faced an uphill battle. Most record labels executives wouldn’t give aspiring artists the time of day. The few record labels that did accept unsolicited demos from musicians were rarely able to listen to each album or EP sent to them.

As a result, most musicians simply had to rely on luck or word-of-mouth to get noticed by these labels. This meant that plenty of talented musicians went unnoticed and never found fame.

How Social Media, Youtube, and Other Digital Channels are Helping Artists

The problem mentioned above is less likely to impact a musician’s success in the digital era thanks to social media, Youtube, and other digital channels. This is because these digital channels have made aspiring musicians less reliant on labels.

For example, you can record your music and upload it to music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Tidal,and Youtube without having to be signed to a label. This allows the general public to get easy access to your music and judge its quality for themselves. If your music is especially good, people will keep coming back to it, and the music recommendation algorithms on these platforms will start recommending it to more people.

You can also promote your music on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram yourself without having to rely on a label to perform promotion. This is especially empowering for musicians because they can gain fame simply by utilizing their digital marketing skills effectively.

How Artists Have More Freedom in the Digital Era

Another way that artists in the digital era are benefiting from digital platforms is being able to make music as freely as they please. Since they’re not signed to a record label, they’re not under any deadlines to record and put out music. They can work whenever they want and however they please.

Modern artists also have a lot more artistic freedom. They won’t have to worry about whether a set of record company executives are going to like the kind of music they’re composing. Therefore, they can express themselves more freely and experiment with different styles. Such freedom pushes music forward and benefits both the artist and music listeners.

How Digital Platforms Will Help Artists in the Future

There’s no limit to how digital platforms will help artists in the future. These platforms have liberated musicians and offer opportunities for anyone to become a famous musician. We hope to see more indie artists make waves in the music industry with the help of these platforms.

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