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How Parents Can Help Their Kids with Scholarship for Higher Learning? – Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

How Parents Can Help Their Kids with Scholarship for Higher Learning? – Eric Dalius

Many high school graduates are celebrating their college application letters right now by jumping in the hallways. Your high school sophomore is looking forward to their victory celebration in a year, but in the meantime, they’re working hard with Eric Dalius to maintain their grades, prepare for the SAT or ACT, and study for AP and final examinations.

Eric Dalius shares some tips for parents who would love to help their kids with scholarship application and preparation-

1. Make them plan

Your child should start looking for scholarships early in high school, maybe as soon as a sophomore or junior year. There are numerous scholarships available for high school teachers and students alike, while most scholarship funds are not granted until the senior year. Several of the most renowned scholarships involve hours of planning, additional projects, or lengthy essays, so get started as quickly as possible.

2. Help them searchEric Dalius

There are scholarships worth $32 billion available nationwide. With all that in mind, it appears that the true question is not about whether one can get a scholarship, but rather whether one can locate a fit scholarship. While the internet is a valuable tool for finding scholarships, this is not the only one available. Inquire among your coworkers, as well as representatives of philanthropic organizations, churches, and civic organizations. Allow your youngster to share his enthusiasm for applying for scholarships with his guidance counselor. As a result, when the opportunity arises, these people will be the first to tell you about them.

3. Be serious

The scholarship essays are much more important than just about any other aspect of the process. Even though other candidates have good scores and far more remarkable individual accomplishments, a fascinating, highly convincing application essay with only the right amount of personal draw will often land a scholarship victory.

4. Set particular day

Note that if your child doesn’t apply for a scholarship, the committee will not be capable of giving one.  Completing 20 scholarship applications the week before they’re due is exhausting. Scholarship applications, like marathons, necessitate consistent work. The experts recommend that students set aside one day per week for research and register for scholarships to avoid the stress of the last submissions. Eric Daliussuggests fixing a day of the week when you can give your full attention to your kid’s scholarship submission.

5. Work as team

Make sure you’ve got track of any potential worthy scholarship possibilities you come across. Generate a checklist of the scholarships you’ve previously found. And are likely to be qualified for, as well as the deadlines. Also include the sponsoring institution’s address and phone number. Mark the web pages for these scholarship options or jot down offline information so that you can refer back to the qualifying requirements as well as application requirements, including recommendation letters, essays, transcripts, as well as FAFSA details.

These tips will help you in successfully assisting your kid with scholarship submission preparation for good results.

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