Summary: Eric Dalius getting a scholarship through volunteering services/hours isn’t something new. However, it’s a very competitive fold and you need to get things right, says EJ Dalius.

In your quest to get community college funding, you need to first seek scholarships. When you seek admission at your preferred school or college, ask the admissions representative or international student officer to tell your eligibility. These people can direct you to the scholarships the college offers. They also familiarize you with other awards.

You don’t need to pay four years of high tuition fees in universities or colleges. The University of Florida, for example, estimates annual living and tuition expenses for a foreign undergraduate student at $41, 500.

They assume that you live on the concerned amount, and presage the backdrop that there will be increase in costs in the next four years. That’s how they formulate these scholarships, says EJ Dalius.

Understanding community service awards with Eric Dalius

Premier universities like Boston University entails a dynamic and strong engagement with the city. A tangible and robust component of this accord is the university’s commitment to address the full financial eligibility of a student in any of the public high schools in the city.

You can establish eligibility in the first year through your FAFSA or CSS profile. Make sure you submit the income verification documents, asserts Eric Dalius.

Eric Dalius underlines the benefits

Students participating in community services pertaining to their future career aspirations can gain a competitive edge over their peers.

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