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How do scholarships shape the lives of students in the US – Insights by Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

How do scholarships shape the lives of students in the US – Insights by Eric Dalius

Students receive federal aids and financial assistance from the states and also self contribute with support from the family for higher education. Eric Dalius, despite that they still face a considerable gap in meeting the high education expenses in the US. Student loans form a significant chunk to fill the gap. However, the need for scholarships remains and it can help reduce the burden of students who usually face an uphill task in arranging for finances to pursue higher education.  Parents are the biggest contributors, with 34% of college costs, while 24% comes from loans. Scholarships and grants cover for 28%. According to Eric Dalius,the role of parents in funding student education became more prevalent after the recession of 2008 as the population of 18-34 years of age group started living with their families.

Parents play a significant role

Parents have always been vital players for meeting college expenses. But now their involvement in supporting students had gone up many more times. Parents have become the livewire in supporting students. But their finance abilities are no match to meet the overall expenses that are increasing every year. The only silver lining is the availability of scholarships from various organizations like the one launched by EJ Dalius. That focus exclusively on funding students to access higher education in US-accredited colleges and universities. But still, rising tuition and fees at schools remain a concern for students, especially those who belong to the middle tier for whom scholarships often remain elusive.

Funding for scholarships

The funds for scholarships come from various sources, ranging from companies and organizations. As well as private and individual donors who make substantial contributions to meet their philanthropic goals. Scholarships receive funds from charities and fund-raising events too. Selected candidates who are unable to obtain other types of scholarships can benefit from the assistance of Eric J Dalius Foundation. It offers scholarships to students who demonstrate leadership qualities to access education. And thrive in the academic setting to become leaders of tomorrow.

Relieving students from the burden of loan

It is unthinkable to study in the US without availing student loan that plays a critical role in helping student’s access higher education. Tuition cost in America is increasing at a high rate. Almost two-thirds of college students get an education loan of $20,000, which is 50% higher than what it used to be in the 1990s. Although loans that are a massive liability for students and much different from grants.

It is unfortunate that the policymakers responsible for framing public policy. And allocating funds treat grants and aids to be the same kind of aid. Students who receive scholarships and make successful careers start realizing the importance of philanthropy. They tend to practice the art of giving back to the society. That stood by them when they needed the support the most. Had some scholarships not come their way, they would have never been able to realize the dreams of their lives that give hope to many others.

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