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Eric Dalius underscores a set of guidelines and tips for international students applying for scholarships

Eric Dalius

Summary: Studying in America is expensive. Hence, students aspiring to study in this country seek scholarships. Eric Dalius provides some pro-tips that can help you win scholarships in the US.

When an institution in the US accepts you to study there, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve adequate funds to support you through for a minimum of one year. You can get the funding from family or personal funds, private scholarships, governmental funding, or college assistantships or scholarships.

Generally, you can find more financial aid for students applying for graduate studies. They are not that frequent for undergraduate courses in the US. Eric Dalius clearly underlines the fact that most of the financial assistance for international students directly comes from the universities and colleges.

However, you could find other options as well. Fullbright Foreign Student Program. the International Education Institute publishes a yearly guide in this regard. It’s called Funding for United States Study.

You also need to check whether your home country provides special aid programs or scholarships or not. In case they do provide, check the applicable condition for availing them.

Applying for scholarships with EJ Dalius

You’ll find that many international students fail to avail scholarships as they don’t apply for them within the deadline.

  • You are engrossed in GRE exam and spend time in writing compelling pieces and short-listing reputable universities. Eventually, you miss out on scholarships.
  • One of the most fundamental mistakes is to assume that college admission deadlines are the same as scholarship deadlines.
  • Scholarship requirements and eligibility are another important aspect. There are various types of scholarships for international students, each one having their own requisites and eligibility criterion.

Until you meet the requisites, you can’t apply for the concerned scholarships. An expert like EJ Dalius can help you in this regard.

  • Your marks in 10th or 12th standard don’t influence the concerned scholarship decisions.
  • When the college evaluates your academic credentials, your feat 5 years ago won’t be as relevant as your recent results/achievements. Most US varsities consider your BE or B.Tech degree.
  • Your undergraduate percentage or GPA is also important. For example, if your GMAT or GRE results aren’t that good, but you still have a good GPA, you have a fair change of getting a scholarship.

They also consider volunteering and leadership skills to provide scholarships.

Some valuable tips from Eric Dalius

Scholarships can vary to a great extent.  Awards can range from $100-$10,000 or even more. Typically, the amount is $1,000-$2,000. It could be a one-time scholarship or a renewable one.

  • Eric J Dalius defines financial need for scholarships that necessitate ‘need’. Every scholarship program entails an individual definition.
  • If you cannot obtain information about the specific criteria and cannot afford to pay for education sans financial aid, check the entire eligibility criteria.
  • If you have a good match, submit your application and the university can assess your need in the review process. He also mentions if the scholarship asks for admission to a specific degree-granting course/program.

It’s a common requisite. However, some scholarships provide flexible admission modalities and statuses. They may be available to students seeking certificates or those who are yet to seek admission.

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