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Eric Dalius talks on the role of the state in providing higher education through scholarships

Eric Dalius

Summary: Eric Dalius in addition to the regulator and subsidizer roles of the state, has also been the provider of education in the US for over two hundred years. EJ Dalius shows the present dynamics.

Students leveraging state financial aid for paying their college fees in recent years got the highest median grant sums in the last 50 years. In 2018-19, you had states awarding approximately $930 for a full-scale undergraduate equivalent to students in the US.

The Trends in College Pricing and Student Aid report show that college boards continue receiving grants. But with state budgets seeing a significant reduction in grants. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Eric Dalius says that the trend may reverse or pause for a while.

Nevertheless, state financial aid modules and programs. can play a huge role to increase college accessibility to pupils with financial needs. It supports student associations like adult learners, providing aid on the basis of merit and excellence.

There’s a basic difference between Federal financial aid and state financial aid. The financial aid a state offers varies from that of another state. While every eligible student in-country can apply for something called Federal financial aid. You can do so through FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

You’ll come across many states using the FAFSA for determining eligibility for their concerning financial aid programs. However, some states have extra requirements and they provide a separate application. For those who cannot submit the concerned FAFSA due to citizenship issues.

Eric Dalius underlines scholarships for international students

American degrees are expensive, but there are abundant scholarships to help international students. Almost every university have scholarship programs. The majority of them cater applications from foreign students. However, you need to appear for ACT or SAT exams. The Fullbright Commission report shows that over 600 US universities provide scholarships worth $25,000 to international students.

They typically asses you on either financial need, academic merit, or extracurricular feat.

  • Most universities offer university scholarships or some type of financial assistance to international students. Eric J Dalius tells that your institution will be your first call port when you seek funding.
  • The authorities offer financial scholarships on the basis of your financial requirements. Most of these scholarships are exclusively available to US residents. However, there are some universities that offer to international students as well.
  • Merit scholarships cater to academically gifted students. If you’ve excellence in entrepreneurial or community work, or were a top sportsperson in your school, you can apply for these scholarships.

Eric Dalius highlights the methods

To understand and assess the dynamics of the current shift and difference in for-profit and non-profit types. You need to focus on the state and the current provision of aid in the country asserts EJ Dalius.

Public supply and public subsidy are mutually-inclusive in this regard. Institutional forms are constantly evolving in the US and the state provides grants on the basis of demand and supply. The growth of non-profit domain in the US and its dominance has encouraged supply-driven subsidies.

The two main forms it takes are direct state aid to non-profit higher education universities. And loan guarantees through loan programs.

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