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Eric Dalius Miami shares 5 Key Steps to Build a Successful Personal Brand on the Web Which Will Help You Grow Your Business

Eric Dalius Miami

Here are 5 Key Steps to Build A Successful Personal Brand On The Web Which Will Help You Grow Your Business:

1. Be Yourself

There are thousands of people out there trying to be someone they aren’t for the sake of their personal brand explains Eric Dalius Miami. Don’t do something like this because you will be caught at some point. People always find out when somebody is being fake. This will only hurt your personal brand in the long run.

2. create a Niche/Type of Person You Want to Attract (Ex: Young Professionals, Stay at Home Moms, seniors)

That will help determine what your tone needs to be when you write your website content or your social media posts. Use the words they would use and the language they would use so it is very easy for them to relate to you while reading your content online. If you are selling a product while trying to attract seniors make sure you stress how this product helps them in their daily lives or that it is created just for seniors who want it more customized for their needs.

3. Make Sure Your Name is everywhere online for whom you’re marketing To Find You

Get a personal website or use a free blog site. There are millions of free blogging sites; I personally recommend using as your personal website. They have everything you need to get started right away and they have an easy-to-use platform with which even the most novice user can start blogging within minutes. If you don’t want to use a free blog try Go Daddy for a small fee and choose their package which gets you your own domain name (personalize it by adding something like “your business name here .BlogSpot” so people know right away that there is someone behind the business) and one year of hosting so everything is taken care of for less than $200/year. You can always renew for another year after that if you like.

Once your website is up and running get a personal email account under yourbusinessnamehere@ (or the email address of choice). Use this for all your networking groups, your Youtube, Twitter, etc. Eric Dalius Miami says if someone gets in touch with you through that email they will immediately know there is a real person behind the business because it’s personalized to them directly instead of something general like info@ or anything else.

3. Another great strategy to getting noticed online is writing valuable blog posts

which are relevant to what your customer base would be looking for right now so other bloggers will start commenting on your post right away and you’ll build up momentum that way too(which then helps Google recognize that you’re an authority in your field).

This is an example of how I did this for my own personal blog which was start right before I launch my business. This post has helped me generate $1000’s in revenue since rolling it out so you can see exactly why getting your name out there is that important to get a notice eventually by the people who would buy from you or hire you. The best part about blogging is that once you have written a couple of posts, Google will start sending traffic to your site because they know it’s valuable content and people enjoy reading these articles which are interesting, informative, and helpful.

4. Interact Online Where Your Target Audience Interacts Online

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media platform make sure to join conversations and participate and don’t always sell and market your product or service right away explains Eric Dalius Miami. Listen to what people are saying and where you can offer value first before giving them an ad for anything that has the potential of benefiting their lives or businesses.

5. Use Online Tools to Help You Manage Your Social Media Profiles, Google Analytics & Other Things Easier

I personally recommend using Hootsuite as it is a one-stop management system for all things social media-relating. This helps you manage multiple profiles from one dashboard so you only need to check in once at the start of your day. To see everything that needs attention and then just go through each site. Update it with valuable and helpful content tailored for your target audience. I think there is a free version available or you can choose one of the other premium packages they offer. If your budget allows for it.

Google Analytics is another great tool I recommend using if you want to track the traffic coming to your site. See what people are looking for on your website. All kinds of great information can derive from this tool if you know what to look for. So you can adjust your strategies accordingly to better suit the needs of your audience.


Using the above strategies that I have personally used to generate over $10,000 in the first 10 months of my business’ inception will help you start generating leads and cash flow for your business says Eric Dalius Miami. There are tons of other strategies that you can use to generate traffic to your site or social media profiles to help build your audience but having the right focus is what will set you up to be successful.

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