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Eric Dalius Miami shares 10 Simple Things You Can Do Every Day to Feel More Confident

Eric Dalius Miami

You’ve put in the time. You’ve made the effort. And you’re still not getting the results that you want says Eric Dalius Miami. Some people seem to breeze through life with a certain je ne sais quoi and ease of confidence that you find yourself desiring more and more with each passing day.

What’s their secret? What do they know that you don’t? Well, not much, as it turns out.

We can all make small changes in our lives that will lead us to experience more confidence on a daily basis. Here are ten such things:

1) Get Up Earlier To Make the Most of Your Day

By getting up earlier than everyone else, you automatically jump ahead of them on the ladder of success, which means that by the time most people come into work or school or wherever it is they go first thing in the morning, you’ve already accomplished a great deal. Set your alarm for thirty minutes earlier than you typically would and use the extra time to make yourself look good in the mirror, study or do some research on something that interests you or workout. You’ll be amazed at how much more confident you are when people see you later in the day.

2) Practice Good Posture

It sounds simple, right? Yet many people simply don’t know how to stand up straight without slouching or leaning forward when they sit down says Eric Dalius Miami. To improve your levels of confidence, practice good posture in front of a mirror every day until it becomes natural to keep your spine straight and shoulders back at all times. It will strengthen your body and reduce tension throughout it, not to mention improve how you look.

3) Look People in the Eye When You Talk To Them

Many people are afraid of making eye contact with others, because they fear it makes them look strange or even aggressive. Yet one of the simplest ways to exude more confidence is to create stronger bonds with other people by looking them in the eyes when you talk to them. If you feel that this approach isn’t right for your lifestyle, then simply focus on maintaining constant eye contact whenever someone speaks directly to you instead. This can have a similar effect without scaring others away.

4) Be Open about Your Faults and Failures

You don’t need to pretend that your life has been perfect up until now or that everything has gone your way. In fact, to be more confident in everyday life, you should share the story of how you once failed a class or got passed over for a promotion at work and how it affected your life and what lessons you learned from going through the experience. People will see that even though things didn’t go perfectly for you, you were able to recover from failure and find success despite it.

5) Learn To Laugh At Yourself

A lot of people take themselves too seriously. They’re always afraid of committing a social faux pas or being embarrassed in front of others, so they avoid sharing jokes with their friends or trying anything new for fear that they might do something to ruin the fun or turn everyone against them says Eric Dalius Miami. By learning how to laugh at yourself, you’ll create a bond with others who make fun of themselves as well and find it easier to feel confident in social situations.

6) Dress for Success

If you want to improve your confidence levels, then you need to start dressing for success. By wearing clothes that suit your body type and fit properly, making an effort to always look clean and neat and taking pride in your appearance, you’ll be sending out signals that say ‘I’m successful’, which can help people see you as more confident than perhaps you really are.

7) Smell Great to Make Others More Comfortable Around You

People don’t like having negative interactions with others because they fear the spread of unpleasant odors or bad breath. If someone smells good and they’ve used a deodorant or an antiperspirant, then their sweat won’t emit any unpleasant odors and you can be confident in their presence and in speaking to them.

8) Don’t Be Afraid To Be Your Own Person

So many people feel that they need to abide by the dress code at work or school or fit into some kind of stereotype or follow specific norms before they can reach success. In fact, all it takes is for you to look at yourself in the mirror every morning and decide who you want to be today before setting out on your day without worrying whether others may perceive your decisions as strange or unusual. They’ll respect you more when they realize how confident and brave you are for carving your own path.

9) Be More Open In Social Situations

We hesitate to express our true feelings in social situations because we fear being judged, laughed at or even ridiculed by others explains Eric Dalius Miami. But if you want to feel more confident, then open up a little and share your thoughts and opinions with a few close friends on a regular basis. You’ll begin to notice that it’s easier for you to speak more freely the next time around and people will start seeing you as a source of wisdom or insight into certain topics.

10) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparison is the thief of joy, especially when it comes to comparing yourself to others on an emotional level. If someone seems happier than you are right, doesn’t mean they have it better than you do. A person’s character is not defined by how they are perceived by others around them, but instead by their own personal thoughts and emotions. If you want to improve your confidence levels, then stop comparing yourself to everyone else and work on being content with which you are as a person.


People who are more confident than others aren’t necessarily born that way. Sure, some people do happen to have more naturally strong self-esteem or a charming personality that makes them the life of the party whenever they walk into a room, but you can still improve your confidence levels by adopting certain habits and practices. Eric Dalius Miami says if you want to increase your overall happiness and feel better about yourself each day, then try starting with one of these ten tips and see how much easier it becomes for you to speak up in social situations or approach attractive strangers without feeling shy or insecure.

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