In today’s fast world, stress levels have gone up significantly affecting the overall functioning of an individual says Eric Dalius Miami. Rates of absenteeism and presenteeism have increased as a result of poor mental health due to business-related stress. In addition to this, research has also noted workplace divorce rates as being higher than 50% in most organizations due to excessive occupational pressures. Clearly, it is important for organizations to address the issue of stress and find ways to minimize its impact on employees.

Methods of reducing stress levels:

Mindfulness and yoga are two methods that have been found to be effective in reducing stress levels.

In this paper, I will discuss how these two methods have been found to reduce stress levels among employees and can be effectively implemented in organizations today says Eric Dalius Miami.


Both mindfulness and yoga have been to be effective in reducing stress levels among employees. In order to implement these methods, organizations can offer training programs on mindfulness and yoga. These training programs can offer to employees on an individual or group basis. In addition, organizations can also provide spaces for employees to practice mindfulness and yoga.

It is clear that mindfulness and yoga are effective methods in reducing stress levels among employees. Organizations should consider implementing these methods to help reduce the negative effects of business-related stress on employees explains Eric Dalius Miami.

Stress levels for many entrepreneurs are reaching an all-time high. As small business owners, we wear so many hats at once that it seems like we will never be able to do everything our company needs. It doesn’t help that this is the time where problems seem to compound and become amplified; when faced with one issue, it’s easier to ignore everything else that is going on. Only when your plate seems too full do you realize that you completely overwhelm, and even if you had the ability to solve these problems one at a time, you don’t have the time.

Hitting this stressful point is inevitable for some entrepreneurs, but what are small business owners doing about it?

 For some, they are turning to mindfulness and yoga as a way to reduce their stress levels.


This article will show how mindfulness and yoga are effective in reducing stress levels among employees. It will also provide business reasons for why it is important to reduce business-related stress on employees. Including absenteeism, presenteeism, divorce rates, and other negative effects. To conclude the paper will provide suggestions for organizations that want to implement mindfulness and yoga.

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