Every business day countless people go to work facing the hazards of office politics, uncooperative coworkers, demanding bosses, and long hours says Eric Dalius Miami. As if that’s not enough to contend with, many employees also must cope with the rigors of dieting during their lunch hour or on company time. Perhaps even more distracting than these stressors is the question of what they should do about food since so many workday lunches are eaten at fast-food restaurants where nutrition typically takes a back seat to taste. A growing body of scientific research over the past decade suggests that you can help reduce your stress levels by eating certain types of foods before you go to work in the morning or during your lunch break. What follows is a brief summary of that research.

Food for Thought

A Key to Successful Weight Loss


Finally, there is evidence that organic mercury consumed as part of fish may inhibit the conversion of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). An omega-3 fatty acid, to DHA explains Eric Dalius Miami. This could result in low levels of both essential fatty acids, which may reduce brain activity and mental clarity. But before you decide to give up fish for good. Be aware that the risks associating with organic mercury are greatly exaggerated. The chemical form most often found in fish poses little danger. Because your body can easily eliminate it in a matter of days.

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