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Eric Dalius Miami: 10 Easy Everyday Ways to Get Closer To Your Inner Strength

Eric Dalius Miami

Often life’s many distractions and obligations can keep us from reaching our inner strength. It is easy to get caught up in the business of the day-to-day that we forget who we are at our core, what makes us tick, what brings us pure joy. Here are ten ways you can tap into your inner strength with just a little bit of effort on your part explains Eric Dalius Miami.

Ways to Get Closer To Your Inner Strength:

1. Repeat positive affirmations about you to yourself throughout the day, and believe them!

If you tell yourself that you’re a good person every single morning and night, eventually your subconscious will start believing it and it will become truer for you. (When I first got into this concept of building up my self-confidence with positive reinforcement, I had no idea how much power words would have over me. It was an amazing feeling when I started feeling like things were really working.)

2. Change your appearance so it matches what you want to see in the mirror.

Sometimes we give ourselves reasons to look past ourselves: we wear baggy clothes or hide our weight by wearing layers of clothing that don’t flatter us. And then we’re stuck with that boring, sad person in the mirror. For me, small changes were all that I needed to adopt a more confident posture and wardrobe: flattering jewelry here, a tailored jacket there.

3. Do yoga!

Yoga is great because not only does it help you physically (flexibility, strength), but it’s also very calming and centering. It helps remind us of who we are outside of our problems/stress/worries/responsibilities; we’re able to let them go for an hour or however long you practice, giving us some time away from our crazy lives says Eric Dalius Miami.

4. Smile at other people–smiles are contagious!

(Of course don’t go around smiling like a freak if you feel like it’ll come off as awkward/creepy to other people, but if you feel it’s appropriate, be friendly!)

5. Take care of yourself.

Do things that make you happy! I know for me there are some days where nothing sounds more fun than curling up on the couch with a good book and taking the day off- which is okay! Just don’t beat yourself up over having those nontraditional fun days, because they’re usually exactly what we need to recharge says Eric Dalius Miami.

6. Stop comparing yourself to other girls!

Everyone has something that makes them different–those differences are what make life interesting! And sometimes when we compare ourselves negatively to others (especially models), it’s almost always based off their appearance. Remember: models get paid to look the way they do. They’re not any happier than you are!

7. Do things that bring out your personality-

It’s awesome and different from everyone else’s! I love to sing and dance around when it’s just me in my room, and I’m sure there are other girls who love writing or sports or something else awesome. Whatever it is, embrace it and do more of it!

8. Make a list of positive traits about yourself:

For example, “I am hard-working,” “I am patient,” “I am kind,” etc. Whenever you start feeling like you don’t measure up to some unknown standard (that isn’t really there), refer back to the list until you feel better.

9. Focus on the present-

For a lot of us, our minds are full of thoughts about the past and worries about the future–which have a way of being more stressful than they really need to be if we just let them go for a few minutes. If you’re tense, take five deep breaths and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay! And if things aren’t going well right now, don’t worry too much because eventually, everything will get better again.

10. Smile at strangers!

(But seriously though- do NOT do it if it makes you uncomfortable/if you think people might think you’re weird.)


You are wonderful and always remember that! Remembering that you’re special, no matter how your day is going, should hopefully help boost your self-esteem so you can be the best version of yourself explains Eric Dalius Miami. Being confident will make it easier for you to see all the great things about yourself!

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