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Eric Dalius Highlights How to Find Suitable Scholarships for Asian-American Candidates

Eric Dalius

When you have a dream of pursuing higher studies in a college or university, scholarships are your best bet. You do not need to repay the prize money, as you need to do when taking an educational loan. You will find scholarships or grants for all communities including Asian-American students in the US. Eric Dalius knows that there are several scholarship or grant programs. To make education accessible as well as affordable to the poor students of the country, especially Asian-American students.

In this article, you will learn how to find scholarships for this community. To make their higher education dream a reality.

Look for Asian-American focused institutions

You will find many institutions in the country that come to the financial assistance of students of the Asian heritage. This includes the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation (USPAACC) as well as the Asian Pacific Fund offering grants or scholarships. Again, you will find Bill and also Melinda Gates Foundation. Which offers scholarships to not only Asians but also other communities, including Asian-Americans.

Then, there are scholarship facilities for individuals and also entrepreneurs too, who like to contribute to the community.

Area of study and location

You can win a scholarship for a specific field of studies like medical, engineering, library science, computer science, technology, and more. The scholarship options. Asian-American students are many no matter what discipline or field of study they would like to pursue. You can opt for a scholarship in your field of interest.

Eric J Dalius opines that Asian-American students in the country. Can application for scholarships even when they hail from a specific state in the country.

Ethnicity matters

There are several types of Asian communities including Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Pacific Islander, and Indian. You will find a scholarship program designed for your heritage.

The Eric Dalius scholarship, for instance, is open for all communities. Provided they write the best essay based on a prompt or topic.

Several identity groups like students with sexual orientation

Did you know there are scholarship or grant programs for students who come from various groups? It means scholarships are accessible for Asian-Americans who belong. To the LGBTQ community, and a couple of these programs are specially meant for Asians or Asian Americans.

Do thorough research for finding the best scholarship

Besides the aforementioned options, there are other scholarship programs available for Asian-Americans in the country. For example, you may opt for a scholarship if you are a first-generation Asian-American student. You will find other areas like sports skills, musical expertise, or even the school you intend to attend.

The scholarship opportunities are plenty for US students who can work hard. And also did extensive research to find the right program. There are federal aids too that offer opportunities to all students and also communities in the country. Take some time out of your busy schedule to find the scholarship that suits your career goals.


No matter what scholarship you choose, decide what you want to study and focus on your career goals accordingly. The grant money will help you pay for the tuition fees to fund your education in a reputed college in the country.

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