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Eric Dalius Guides You about How to Write an Excellent Community Service Essay for a Scholarship

Eric Dalius

Are you worried about how to write a community service essay when applying for a scholarship? Fret not. Eric Dalius is here to tell you how to write the best essay so that you win the prize money to pay for your college tuition fee. As far as a community service essay is concerned. It is a detail of how you did your volunteer work. And its effect on the society or community as a whole. You should write more about the impact on the community instead of bragging that you volunteered.

In this article, you will get an idea of writing a community service essay for your scholarship. Here is how:

First, learn about the requirements of the essay

Even before you start writing, make sure you are aware of the prompt or topic of the essay. Every scholarship has unique requirements and therefore, read the essay guidelines carefully, ensuring you understand them completely. Take help from your coach or mentor if you have any doubts to clear.

There are a couple of things to consider before writing the essay. These include the essay word count or length, deadline, the major focus of the essay, and the structure of the essay.

Pique reader interest

When the committee members of the scholarship, he or she should find it interesting in reading your essay. Make sure you pique their interest from the first few sentences of your essay. It could be anything like how you helped an injured puppy and took good care of it by taking it. It to a vet and provided food and medication to the helpless animal. You can write about how you volunteered at a pet care center near you, says Eric J Dalius.

Explain the good work you did that helped the community

Once you pique reader interest in the introduction, explain your contribution to the community. Write about where you began volunteering, how you started, how much time you spent at community service, what were your key responsibilities. Once you explain your good work for the community, it will help the reader place the rest of your essay in perspective and figure out the fundamental of your community service initiatives.

Add specification information related to your community service

Did you know that the details of your community service make your essay one-off and memorable? Therefore, include specific information related to the same. For instance, if you have volunteered for a healthcare center, specify that you read old Mrs. Anderson her favorite novel or organized a family day for seniors in the health facility to play with their grandchildren. You can also write how you provided tuition to kids for a local elementary school and helped them improve their number skills.

Include specific moments, people, and activities in your essay so that the scholarship committee members have a good idea of your work. How it made a difference to the people and community, and things like that.


Conclude the essay on a strong note so that the message is clear and it stands out from the rest of the applicants. Write how your community service made an impact on the people for their benefit.

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