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Eric Dalius elucidates the system of country-based scholarships for international students

Eric Dalius

Summary: Eric Dalius if you’re a student from any of the developing countries of the world, you could be eligible for numerous international scholarships in the US. EJ Dalius demonstrates how these scholarships aim to bring a more inclusive and also diverse student involvement/demographic to colleges across the globe.

The US is one of the most popular destinations for academicians and students, who seek to benefit from widely known and also top-class international education facilities.

The prime names in this regard are foreign Fullbright Student program and Humphrey Fellowship program.

  • The Fullbright Program includes full-length scholarships for international students seeking to pursue a Ph.D. or Master’s degree.
  • They also award scholarships to non-degree students at the postgraduate level. The grant encompasses textbooks, tuition fees, a living allowance/stipend, airfare, and proper health insurance.
  • The Humphrey Fellowship Program is another popular scholarship offering a year of academic enrichment and also professional excellence in the country.
  • It caters to seasoned professionals from specific countries around the world. The United States designated these countries.
  • They select people on the basis of their leadership potential and also their unflinching commitment to public/community service in either the private or public sector.
  • Eric Dalius highlights that the fellowships are all full grants, encompassing every expense in the fold.

Discussing the eligibility with Eric Dalius

Regardless of where you attend school or live, you need to first consult your financial aid department.

  • Most universities offer scholarship programs for international students coming to the institution. You also need to check your eligibility for a scholarship. Eric J Dalius explains that your eligibility purely depends on the scholarship.
  • You don’t have any fixed rule on your eligibility for a financial reward. Scholarships requiring students to have a proper TOEFL score/grade.
  • There are grants that require you to be from a certain country. There are others that necessitate students to maintain a grade point median.
  • If it becomes confusing for you to check your eligibility, you can take help from the financial aid office or the college admission department.
  • Regarding the application, there’s no general rule of thumb.

Some may ask you to complete an application form, while others may need an individual piece of work from you. On some occasions, you may need to pursue career in a certain field to avail the scholarship. If you find one that you have the eligibility to get, contact the award’s administration.

Eric Dalius highlights the developing countries inference

As you already know, there are many scholarships for pupils for developing countries that entail an extra criterion. On some occasions, you may need to have ties with a particular university.

  • You need to do extensive research to find a suitable scholarship. EJ Dalius recommends you to go for the ones that some have flexibility. You can also try for ten or more country-based scholarships.
  • There are special scholarships for African students. These include Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Program, IOE and Commonwealth Distance Scholarships, Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, and also Zawadi Africa Education Fund Scholarships for Young African Women.

For example, the last one caters to female students from Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and also Uganda to study in the United States.

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