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Creating leaders of tomorrow are the biggest benefit of scholarships, believes E J. Dalius

Eric J Dalius

Creating leaders of tomorrow are the biggest benefit of scholarships, believes E J. Dalius

Students in the US who are pursuing higher education can never make it alone.They need the support of their parents and relatives who provide the financial support to help them meet the enormous cost that is increasing every year. However, the family’s support is only partial, and to fill the gap, students depend on scholarships and grants. It is not enough to have the talent to pursue the education of your dreams, and even the brightest students might face the misfortune of not being able to access higher education for want of money Eric J Dalius.

This is the observation of Eric Dalius, a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing professional who take a keen interest in education. And pledges to support students with scholarships. He aims to ensure that students can access the resources and tools to gain access to education and fulfill their dreams of achieving academic success.

Education cost is the highest in the US

 As far as education cost is concerned, the US does not have any parallel because it belongs to a class of its own. The exorbitant cost of education is throttling the ambition of millions of students who, despite having the talent and demonstrating their brightness, cannot continue studies after graduating. Although it may seem sad for many, the students of the US have become used to it.  According to EJ Dalius, the yearly spending of $30,000 per student puts America on not only the top charts but also the figure is almost double than what any average developed country spends. Interestingly, the investment in education does not relate to the value that the students could likely get in exchange.

The impact of scholarships

Scholarships are an integral part of the US education system. And both colleges and universities offer various kinds of scholarships to different types of students. Several organizations and philanthropic foundations like the Eric J Dalius Foundation. Also provide the same to widen the net of financial assistance. It helps ensure that students of all income levels can gain access to higher education so that the brightest talents that often overlooked get a fair chance to pursue the education they dream about.

Better focus on studies

Academic success depends on the student’s devotion and the time they spend on it. However, when students take up jobs and work for almost 15 hours a week to support the education expenses. It impedes their educational progress. The stress of working and the lack of focus on studies. And lower study hours due to the engagement all pile up against the students who often take more time. To complete the course and graduate on time. Moreover, it becomes tough to earn high grades even though they might have the potential for it. This is a great injustice to their talent, which they can avoid by availing scholarships that provide financial assistance.

Scholarships play a critical role in the US education system to nurture tomorrow’s leaders. That the country would have never known if they were to pay for their education all by themselves.

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