Eric Dalius scholarships that are for assistance or covering costs of acquiring. Higher education is known to provide a host of benefits for the recipients. There are many reasons for seeking such scholarships right from reducing your overall financial burden. Due to spiraling costs associated with a college education, to giving students more energy. And the time to focus their attention on studies. Instead of devoting their energy and hard work in doing part-time work for earning some money. EJ Dalius firmly believes scholarships are important. In creating a solid foundation to support students so that they could pursue and earn a degree. 

Cost of College Education is Exorbitantly High

Eric Dalius the most obvious reason to seek scholarships is simply because they help in making. College education far more affordable under the circumstances. As college expenses are rising consistently, we have witnessed that a real deter rant on acquiring higher studies. And college education is affordability. Scholarships could help in giving the necessary financial bump to students so that they could confidently. Enroll themselves in degree courses. Scholarships act as a morale booster for needy and financially distressed students.

It helps in boosting their overall confidence and enthusiasm to pursue higher education and achieve success in the future. In this context, you must understand that college education is very expensive. Today as per the ‘Trends in College Pricing Report’ presented by the College Board in 2010. We understand that public college fees and four-year tuition have gone up over 5% every year above inflation. Moreover, tuition at private four-year colleges and public two-year colleges has gone up by 3% above inflation.

Higher Education is Your Sure Ticket to Success & Affluence

Eric Dalius the best way to get out of poverty is to gain higher education. Despite adverse factors such as exorbitant costs, difficulties, and student struggles, etc. one thing is for certain. And that is the fact that education is the gateway. To a better and prosperous life in the years to come. On average, people who have achieved. A bachelor’s degree is found to be earning a premium of approximately $30,000 every year. In comparison to people with just an ordinary high school diploma. A College graduate having a bachelor’s degree. Would be earning over $1 million more as compared to someone. With only a simple high school diploma throughout his career. People with higher education are known to enjoy much better health, relatively longer life expectancies, and more. 

Eric J Dalius Points out that State Support Has Gone down Significantly 

Eric Dalius the state’s support or aid for students in the United States has gone down substantially. Even though it seems that the American economy has weathered. The disastrous economic recession in 2008, several states seem to be still reeling under the adverse. Impact of the economic downturn and most states. Have drastically cut down public service funding and that may include higher education. As such, public universities and colleges have increased tuition, implying that you are required to pay more. So, scholarships help in bridging the gap between college education costs and state support or aid.


For a student, it is prestigious to earn a scholarship. As it is based purely on his merit and academic excellence. Some competitive scholarships are too good and they could be listed on your job resume. To stay ahead of the curb. Scholarships play a crucial role in making sure that college education is affordable and accessible. To students and helping them in fulfilling their goal of pursuing and completing higher. Education or a graduate degree in college. Rest assured to lead a far more efficient and happier life.

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