How Social Media, YouTube, and Other Digital Channels Have Helped Artists

Anyone can upload their music to digital platforms these days.

Making it as a musician has never been easy. Building up your musical skills can be difficult enough, but recording music and finding a record label who is willing to release your music is even harder. The good news is that social media, Youtube, and other digital channels have made it easier for aspiring musicians […]

How Reading Can Improve Songwriting

A songwriter is writing lyrics for a song.

Writing is a crucial skill that songwriters must have because it allows them to produce deep and meaningful lyrics that have the potential to turn into top-quality songs, which can turn into record-breaking hits, serving as the catalyst artists need to progress their careers further. However, if you’re not an avid reader, you may have […]

How Music Streaming Uses Machine Learning?

A concept image for benefits of machine learning

Are you wondering how music streaming uses machine learning? If you’re an avid listener, you may feel like your favorite app exhibits psychic powers. Instead of magic spells, audio-streaming platforms use AI technology to nurture connections. Data analysis and diagnosis help them refine user journeys across touchpoints. These sites collect user data to personalize listening […]

Five Best Queen Songs to Stream

Five best Queen songs to listen to.

The Queen’s enthralling music made it one of the most popular and successful bands in music history. The band’s leader, Freddy Mercury, was amongst the most charismatic performers of the last century, and Queen is still fondly remembered for its sensational concert at Live Aid. Alongside Mercury, the band comprised Roger Taylor (drummer and vocalist), […]

Are Music Artists Better Audiophiles?

are musicians better audiophiles?

Millions of people in the world enjoy listening to music but have little to no formal training in the art. You definitely don’t need to be a musician to love music, that’s for sure. Many people will spend hours a day listening to music on their phones, in their cars, on the radio, or even […]

6 Things You Should Never Say as a Musician

: 6 Phrases Musicians Should Avoid Using

It is safe to say that the entertainment industry is cut-throat. In this realm, everything you say and everything you do is viewed under the lens of a magnifying glass. Artists have to be on guard as their actions and words could be taken out of context – a minor mishap could potentially end up […]

How transparent leadership helped to grow Eric Dalius Networth in Miami?

Eric Dalius Networth

How transparent leadership helped to grow Eric Dalius Networth in Miami? Eric Dalius Networth says if you are an entrepreneur or an owner of a business, then leading your company from the front is one of the anticipated requirements in Miami. One of the crucial characteristics that you will have to demonstrate to your team […]

How Eric Dalius net worth has become a benchmark for wealth creation?

Eric Dalius

How Eric Dalius net worth has become a benchmark for wealth creation? Florida has a large population of high net worth individuals, many of whom are millionaires. Sunshine state is a chosen destination for millennial millionaires moving there from other high tax states. Florida is home to 5% millennial millionaires, while 14% live in New […]