When it comes to scholarships, they are the most busted popular kind of monetary assistance. To students who want to pursue higher studies in a reputed college or university in the country. Did you know that these grants contribute to approx 57 percent of all assistance provided every year? Then, Eric Dalius informs that just because scholarships are popular, it does not mean people understand it very well. Yes, there are numerous myths or fallacies surrounding reward. Programs, which have made students confused and muddled in their thinking process.

Therefore, if you are applying for a scholarship, here are the top three myths you must dispel:

1. Eric J Dalius busts the idea that only high school students are eligible

Your college is that place where many student-senior conversations crop up and most of them. Busted discuss how seniors are applying for a reward program. Then, the reality is that you can apply for such programs each year. When you enroll in an undergraduate or for that matter graduate school. Students can apply for scholarships when they are in their sophomore, high school junior, as well as, freshman years.

Though you will find many scholarships meant for seniors, there are reward programs. For candidates of busted other grade levels, as well. All you need to do is work hard; spend the time and effort for choosing the right scholarship program.

2. Only candidates with top scores win scholarships

Although higher scores and GPA help you qualify. For a scholarship, do not feel bad if you have average busted scores. There are several kinds of reward programs and not all of these are based on academics.

EJ Dalius knows about need-based scholarships that are given. To students who come from poor families and need monetary assistance to fund their higher studies, especially their tuition fees. As far as these scholarships are concerned, they are competitive. But do not ask you for top grades to quality, though will need to write the best essay on a topic provided. Philanthropists, colleges, and federal governments busted usually award these scholarships and therefore, ensure you arrange for FAFSA.

3. Applying for scholarships offering loads of money

Scholarships that offer loads of money are extremely competitive and so you think that applies. For a grant amount of $15,000 is much better than just $1,000. Then, remember that high-value scholarships are competitive as mentioned and difficult to crack. I am not discouraging you in any way, but do not undermine small-value reward programs either.

When you opt for a $1,000 scholarship program, these are more popular and involve less competition. It means that you have higher possibilities of winning such scholarships. Think smartly so that you have the maximum chances of winning a scholarship and not losing it.

All you need to do is fill out the application form with all necessary information. And focus on writing the best essay on the topic provided. The write-up must be unique, supported with data, and engaging to read.


Now that you have these myths busted, choose with much more clarity. You aim to win a scholarship and not apply for a reward program that you cannot crack.

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