The Eric J. Dalius Foundation Explains Why Financial Aid is Important for Progress

I recently visited a local high school in my hometown of Miami, Florida where I had the opportunity to talk to students who were graduating within the year. The conversations that I had with these bright young students gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, their passions, dreams, and perspectives were both inspiring and enlightening. On the other hand, I came to realize just how many of the future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers were not going to be able to see through their brilliant ideas and bring simple ideas into conception. The reason for this, in a startling number of cases, pointed to one thing: finances. A number of the students I spoke with had the desire to go into post-secondary to further explore their interests and develop their entrepreneurial ideas but almost all of them said that it was an unrealistic dream because they simply cannot afford the investment that further education demands. So here I am, surrounded by bright, young, brilliant minds all capable of making a real impact in the world seeking alternatives instead of following their dreams and pursuing their goals.

It is through interactions such as the one in Miami that I am again reminded that the leaders of today must do everything they can to support the leaders of tomorrow. Revolutionary entrepreneur, and frivolous inventor, Elon Musk once stated, “Say there’s a bunch of people on a ship and there are a bunch of holes in the ship, if we have a tool to bail water out of the boat, it would be foolish to not share our method with other members on the boat. If the boat goes down, so do we.” To me, Elon Musk is encouraging those with the ability and capability to help, should do so when they get the chance. In the name of progression as a community, as a country, and lastly, as a people. I have been extremely blessed in my life to be in the financial position that I am currently in. I worked hard, I had late nights, and I made some sacrifices. Now that I can finally take a step back, I realize that I can have an immense amount of influence on the leaders of tomorrow. This is why I have created and continued to support the Eric J. Dalius Foundation, to support the leaders of tomorrow, today and ensure that exceptional entrepreneurs and inventors are not silenced due to their personal finances.