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Things To Do After Getting a Scholarship – Eric Dalius Highlights the Essential Steps

Eric Dalius

Things To Do After Getting a Scholarship – Eric Dalius Highlights the Essential Steps

There’s nothing more exciting than winning a scholarship. The candidates who apply for it always dream of when they will get the confirmation phone call, letter, or email. Eric Dalius however, you do have a few responsibilities when you win a scholarship.

Insights by Eric Dalius

It doesn’t end with you winning a scholarship! You have a few deliverables as well.

1. Accept your scholarship

In the case of a few scholarships, if you win it, you will get the cash automatically, as you’ve already shared the data with the scholarship provider. However, there are other types of scholarships where the providers need to interact with you and also know that you have accepted the scholarship. At times, you might have to fill out a form and state your acceptance. Therefore, you need to pay heed to the needs of your scholarship provider.

2. Offer relevant data

Ensure that your scholarship provider has every data they require. It will help them to submit the scholarship. Additionally, the provider might ask you to share your contact details, school address with the financial aid office, along student identification number. The college might require evidence of enrolment or a letter of acceptance from the college that testifies you are a student. You can pay heed to their needs and also arrange it all so that you get the scholarship amount.

3. Thank your scholarship provider

The scholarship providers don’t have to offer free money to candidates. You need to thank them for giving you the scholarship and select you for the same. There are few to many candidates who have applied for the same. It is evident that the provider recognized something special about you and also decided that you should win the scholarship. Hence, according to Eric Dalius,it is necessary that you show your appreciation by sharing a “Thank You” note. It will let them know that you value the scholarship and help you go ahead in your career.

4. Cater to the requirements

Few scholarship providers need the candidates to something more after they win the scholarship. They might ask for a bio and an image so that they can add your details to their website as a winner. Others might ask you to share tips for other candidates who are applying for scholarships. Others might have a mentorship, internship, and also another kind of task that candidates might need to look into. For renewable scholarships, ensure that you focus on the terms. For such a scholarship, you might need to have a certain GPA or fill in another application.

5. Let your college know about the scholarship.

Your college needs to know about the scholarship amount. The majority of colleges have to manage the financial aid award as the scholarship cash comes in. Few might have to minimize the gift aid and also others might bring down your loans. You should notify the financial aid office about your scholarship cash and check how the aid might change.

These are some of the essential tasks that you have to do when you get your scholarship amount.

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