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Is Applying for Scholarships Hard Work? Eric Dalius Shares His Views

Eric Dalius

Is Applying for Scholarships Hard Work? Eric Dalius Shares His Views

Most candidates think those scholarship applications are a Herculean task! The truth is that it is not as much hard work as it seems. Once you have moved through your several applications, you will see that there are ways in which you can reuse the old scholarship essays. You can change the essay according to the goals of the scholarship provider. Eric Dalius ensure that you change the scholarship program name.

Scholarship applications are a good use of time, even if it’s not a very generous one. For instance, you apply to as many as ten scholarships that is $500 worth each and get one. You might take an hour to finish each application. It means it’s $500 for about 10 hours of the work you put in.

The number of scholarship applications to submit – Insights by Eric Dalius

You must apply for all scholarship that matches your eligibility. Don’t restrict yourself to any scholarship types, such as more generous, essay, and competitive scholarships. Today, the number of talented candidates is more. Hence, you will need a dash of luck to win a scholarship. Therefore, it’s always better to increase your scopes of winning a scholarship.

Stop applying to a scholarship for which you are not eligible. You shouldn’t even apply to a scholarship when you have missed the deadline. Also, it would be best if you didn’t get depressed or discouraged when you face rejections. Candidates often get rejected by a few scholarships as they acquire others.

Things to do before you apply

For starters, you need to get organized! Once you have got a list, organize the scholarships based on the application deadline. It would help if you also had a checklist of the application needs, for instance, recommendation letters and essays. Few scholarships might need project work.

Also, ensure to have a scholarship resume and list all the achievements, comprising awards, honors, volunteering work, sports, and various other activities. Get specific about dates and various other essential details. You can share your scholarship resume with your teachers and others who can provide you with a recommendation letter.

Additionally, you can search for your name on Google and assess the social media accounts to search for harmful data. Ensure to remove any negative data, like any posts that highlight a negative attitude. The scholarship providers invest their capital on your future. Hence, they don’t want to invest on a candidate who might not reflect a good reputation. Many scholarship providers need the finalists to add them on social networking profiles to know applicants better.

Eric Dalius says save a copy or print the scholarship application prior to submitting it. If the application gets lost, you can resend it easily. Just in case a scholarship needs nomination, you can request the nominator for nominating you. You can share a copy of the scholarship resume with them. You have a chance to get selected because you asked for it. At times, if you don’t ask, you might not get nominated.

These are a few of the essential factors that you need to consider for applying for a scholarship. If you organize it all, it’s not at all hard work for you.

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