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How Reading Can Improve Songwriting

A songwriter is writing lyrics for a song.

Writing is a crucial skill that songwriters must have because it allows them to produce deep and meaningful lyrics that have the potential to turn into top-quality songs, which can turn into record-breaking hits, serving as the catalyst artists need to progress their careers further.

However, if you’re not an avid reader, you may have trouble writing lyrics that are catchy and have emotional depth, captivating listeners and getting them to subscribe to your future music.

Although it’s not necessary for a singer to also be a writer, it is fairly common, and you can expect some of the greatest artists to have written their own songs, such as John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Let’s explore in detail how reading can improve songwriting.

How Reading Can Improve Songwriting

Being an avid reader helps produce excellent songwriting material for many reasons, such as having a strong and diverse vocabulary, which can be used to create a lasting impression on fans and those listening to your music for the first time.

Songwriters may also read books that specifically improve songwriting skills and break down the fundamentals of writing a verse, making it helpful for aspiring songwriters to read the right books that offer the best guidance.

However, reading a lot of books generally makes it easy to come up with strings of sentences that may appeal to an audience, especially when layered with the right tones, sounds, and rhythms, making for an exciting track.

If you’re an aspiring songwriter, you can find many practical resources from the best lyricists in the world, who break down the text in depth, offering many insights into how to layer particular songs according to the artist’s preferred genre, such as pop, soul, or rock.

The biggest problem many songwriters and lyricists face is becoming stale or repetitive, which can alienate even the most loyal fans since it becomes clear that the songs are losing their creative spark.

Examples of Artists That Lose Their Ability to Write Compelling Songs

It is typical for many artists to eventually struggle with coming up with new song material because they fall into the trap of sticking with what has worked in the past.

Reading positively improves your songwriting skills because it enhances comprehension, vocabulary, literacy, general knowledge, concentration, and more.

This makes it easier for artists to come up with new and enticing lyrics that can capture their audience’s attention and sustain it in the long run.

A thrash metal band called Bullet For My Valentine was pretty popular in their initial years and had excellent lyrics in their first two albums, but things slowly became repetitive, causing even the most loyal fans to slowly lose interest.

Compared with Iron Maiden, their lyrics fall short by quite a significant margin, which may have been remedied by taking feedback from others, improving their literacy, and seeking out the right materials that aid their songwriting ability.

Final Verdict

Reading plays an important part in improving songwriting because it adds complex vocabulary and allows artists to string together sentences in a captivating way that engages the listeners.

Seeking the right reading materials is important because every songwriter needs a fundamental understanding of how to write the most mesmerizing lyrics, adding to the artist’s popularity.

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