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How can scholarships help students achieve their career goals? Eric J Dalius explains

Eric J Dalius

How can scholarships help students achieve their career goals? Eric J Dalius explains

No college education in the US can be self-financed because of the ballooning costs that have left students with little option.They rely on student loans, the demand for which keeps growing. However, taking student loans to fund the total cost of education can be around $50,580 for a 2-year course in one of the in-state accredited colleges in the US Eric J Dalius.

It can be a substantial financial burden on students and not practicable. Creating a financial package with a mix of student loans, own contribution, aids, and grants and scholarships is a more pragmatic approach to make ends meet, feels EJ Dalius. He takes a particular interest in helping selected deserving students financially to achieve their academic goals. Students do not need to pay back grants and aids. Scholarships not only recognize the merit of students but encourage them to continue their studies.

Scholarships are great motivators

While loans and scholarships both provide financial assistance. The latter outscores loans because there is no payback involved in it. Scholarships are much more than financial aid. They motivate the recipient to perform better as the recognition of their talent. And abilities reflected through it increases their self-confidence. Moreover, scholarships come without any strings attached to provide enormous mental relief. And students can entirely focus on their studies and give their best efforts to improve performance.  No one wants to be a loser, and since earning a scholarship implies victory, students would do their best to hold on to the gains and even improve their performance feels Eric J  Dalius.

Educational benefit

Scholarships are great enablers as it reduces the stress arising from loans which, when coupled with scholarships, become more manageable. Eric Dalius feels that the burden of loan can be tough on students. And if submerged too much in a loan can lose their focus on studies as the stress of paying back can paralyze their mind that loses the power to concentrate. It may even result in students extending their graduation time due to poor performance that increases the cost and puts more pressure on them. Instead, taking a smaller loan that is easily manageable with some scholarship can remove the stress and help in faring well in studies that give greater satisfaction.

Career benefit

Scholarships are for deserving candidates, which means that it recognizes the abilities and achievements of students. Therefore, scholarships are prestigious as it acknowledges the merit of students which adds a feather in their cap. Scholarships are hard to earn, and one who earns. It can take pride in being a notch above the rest by being a high achiever. The scholarships are like medals. That you can display to prospective employers who will have to admit your exceptional academic abilities. And reward you with better job prospects over others.

Earning a scholarship will make you more responsible and inspire you to do justice to your abilities by doing much more that leads to better performance. The urge to improve will help you excel in your field.

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