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Eric J Dalius discusses why scholarships are critical for students these days

Eric Dalius

Eric J Dalius says most students wish to complete their college education after graduating from high school. In fact, a college education is a minimum degree needed for getting a good job. Some students would like to study even more to get more accomplished. However, getting admission to good colleges and universities is tough because these are extremely expensive. Many students fail to secure admission just because they cannot afford the high college tuition fees. 

The sad reality is that merit cannot guarantee that students will get admission in higher education institutes because the fees keep going up. A lot of deserving students take up jobs just to be able to afford their college fees. There are various grants and scholarships available for students, and these financial aids can help improve the situation.

How does scholarship help?

Talented students belonging to financially weak families need economic assistance to pursue higher studies. Various funding sources provide such assistance to students. One cannot pursue higher education without such types of scholarships and grants. These scholarships ensure that everyone has access to higher education, and deserving students can get proper funding. This will help students get a bright future and become future leaders. According to Eric Dalius scholarships are the US education system’s backbone and without them, many would fail to pursue their dreams.

What are the components of scholarship funding?

Studying in good colleges is extremely expensive in the US. Students are forced to become dependent on student loans to finance their education. They also have to take assistance from their family and their parents. In addition to this, many students also need to work full-time jobs to earn enough to make their ends meet. Student loans can cause a lot of stress for college students who have to make repayments each month. Part-time jobs do help in covering some expenses, but it distracts students from focusing on their studies. 

The Role of Scholarships

Scholarships are a major relief for this reason. These are essentially financial grants which students do not need to payback. Scholarships help students meet education costs and lower their financial burden. Hence, students can focus more on their studies and get good grades. In fact, students love these scholarship programs as it helps to alleviate their financial problems. A student has an average education loan of around $ 30000. The tuition fees increase every year, and students have to arrange the funds from various sources. Eric J Dalius notes that the average education costs have gone up by over 50 % in the last twenty years alone. 

Consequently, scholarships are a major part of the college education system.


The United States of America has a highly expensive higher education system, and students are forced to apply for large education loans for their higher education. Scholarships are a blessing in this context. These scholarships help deserving students avail higher education without any financial burden. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will be useful for you. 

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