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Eric Dalius Shares How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius Shares How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Your scholarship essay plays an integral part in securing your scholarship. And there is no one way in which you can write a stellar scholarship application. If you managed to get all the scholarship entries that won prizes, you will find it challenging to recognize what made this different from others. Eric Dalius says every scholarship essay will come with a distinct style that the author used. It also provided a unique insight into the candidate’s aspirations.

Guidelines by Eric Dalius

One of the keys to writing a scholarship essay that will work for you is to count on uniqueness! You must make the application essay exclusive. Take time to delve into the topic and personalize it as much as possible. You need to study your subject and come up with a response that will relate only to you. It’s your individuality that should shine out in the essay so that you can get judged well. Few other ways to write a stunning scholarship essay are:

1. Know the key theme meaning

Once you have recognized the main themes, it is necessary to know and understand what each idea stands for and go beyond the starting level. For example, if the theme is “leadership,” you might deal with the impacts of your leadership. You need to consider a situation where things occurred under your supervision. Here you shouldn’t just be writing about your accountabilities, but you must delve more. If you have more depth in your writing, it will suggest that you have had a better understanding of the theme. That way, you can engage the reader in your application essay and make them think that you deserve the scholarship.

2. Ensure that you have an engaging start

Most people struggle with the starting of their scholarship application essay. Do you resonate with it? If yes, it’s a good idea to start with a statement or a quote that is associated with the intended course. Later on, you can link that same with your main text. It would be best if you researched a bit for this. Then, when you show a better aptitude and wider know-how for the subject, you can convince the judges and other people in authority that it’s the correct decision to assist you in your selected career course.

4. Fill the essay with keywords used in the scholarship statement

It’s a good practice to use specific keywords from the scholarship statement all through the essay. It shows that you are addressing the question that you got asked. For instance, if the keywords include “innovation,” “impacting communities,” and “leadership,” it’s a good practice to use these terms generously all through your essay. It creates a sync between the scholarship statement and the essay.

5. Free of errors

It is one of the essential requirements that you need to follow! Your scholarship essay can be fantastic, but chances are it will not get considered if it has errors in it. Hence, it would help if you took the time to proofread your essay so that there are no grammatical errors that can work against your favor.

These are some of the essential points according to Eric Dalius, that you need to follow when writing your scholarship essay.

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