With the corona crisis leading colleges to close for an indefinite period. Students preparing for scholarship interviews need to stay motivated. Though some online students transitioned to this change with ease, others are finding it difficult to stay encouraged. Eric Dalius wants you to stay inspired and focused. It is essential to prepare for scholarship interviews online so that your performance does not drop or decline.

For scholarship organizations, budget drives the number and size of the reward money. Students preparing for online scholarship interviews can stay motivated in these ways:

Eric J Dalius recommends evaluating technology at hand

Some students may not have the best technology to learn and prepare for online scholarships. Slow PCs, poor internet connectivity, and bad software can make things challenging for you. With such technical issues mounting, you will become less productive, your motivation and frustration taking a backseat in the process.

You need to overcome these technological issues by evaluating the technology to use. Consider possible PC upgrades and changes, opt for a high-speed internet connection. And install security applications on your PC or laptop to boost your online experience so that you stay confident and motivated to attend scholarship interviews.

Again, if you have any technical issues while preparing for interviews online, you need to contact technical support right away.

Parents should set an example too

Students are not the only group to stay motivated before an online scholarship interview. Parents should also help their children to stay confident and motivated. EJ Dalius opines that how parents act in response to their telecommuting. Needs have a significant impact on a student’s motivation and confidence.

If candidates see, their parents are not responsible or dedicated when attending office video conference calls. The students may feel de-motivated and start believing that performing less is acceptable now leading to poor scholarship interview performance.

Therefore, if parents want to see their kids outshine in their scholarship interview. Online, as seniors, they need to treat their virtual meetings seriously. It helps in setting a good example and students look up to their parents as role models. This way, students do not get the wrong message from their parents.

Look for interaction opportunities

Though there are many benefits of video scholarship interviews. The greatest pitfall is the lack of interaction with other classmates and professors. It affects the social advantage of the university or college experience as well as makes communication skills poor. Then, that does not mean there are no opportunities for interaction online. Students can partake in message boards, or communicate with their professors thru email, when necessary.

Colleges can organize discussion groups so that students can ask questions to each other. Discuss essay topics, and work on group assignments. Even a simple telephonic conversation with other students can help considerably in making interactions beneficial. Students should take all communication opportunities seriously to stay motivated for scholarship interviews online.

Final words

Keep these tips in mind to stay motivated for online scholarship interviews. Stay confident and you will succeed.  

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