Bitcoin is one kind of digital currency or cryptocurrency that you can use to make online purchases. You can also trade or sell them like stocks, says Eric Dalius bitcoin.

However, you cannot purchase bitcoin on your own. There are many different exchange mediums available in the market and you have to use one of them to purchase and trade bitcoins. 

While choosing an exchange medium, remember that the best bitcoin exchanges are cost-effective, easy to use, secure, and quick to set up and accept tons of funding sources. Not just bitcoin, you can purchase multiple cryptocurrencies through these exchange mediums. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 places to purchase bitcoins. 


Coinbase is one of the biggest bitcoin exchange medium and wallet providers based in San Francisco. As the platform has more than 43 million users from 100 different countries, it’s undoubtedly the first choice for bitcoin users, investors, and traders. Coinbase claims that it has over $90 billion in assets. You can trade all different types of currencies using the coinbase platform.

Remember that coinbase charges a small fee and it will be disclosed only upon entering a transaction. The fee varies depending on the funding method, but the fee can be anywhere between 0.50% and 3.99%. 


If you’re searching for a simple and easy exchange platform that allows you to purchase bitcoin while researching about the bitcoin or other cryptocurrency ecosystem, then eToro is the perfect place for you. The newbie bitcoin traders will love the simple but attractive platform. Additionally, the CopyTrader system allows the users to mimic trades from other bitcoin users on the platform. 

Upon creating your account in eToro, you’ll receive $100,000 for your experiment purposes. You can test and develop your trading skill with that money. After you feel comfortable, you can purchase or trade live bitcoins. Remember that eToro takes a fee of 0.75% for bitcoin. 

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Suggests Robinhood

When you pay service fees of 0.5% or more while purchasing or selling bitcoins, you’re spending a big chunk of your profit right off the top. Robinhood exchange platform is famous for its commission-free feature. You can purchase and sell bitcoin without paying any commissions at all. If you have previous experience regarding cryptocurrencies and bitcoins, then Robinhood is the ideal place for you to purchase and trade bitcoins. 

Remember that you have to use the Robinhood Crypto account alongside with Robinhood stock investment account. Apart from bitcoin, you’ll also find some other cryptocurrencies. 


If you have a bitcoin wallet and you want to purchase bitcoin quickly, you should consider using Coinmama. The account creation and the verification process are the fastest on Coinmama. After you log in, you can instantly purchase bitcoins using multiple payment methods. However, you might have to spend extra money on your instant purchases. 

Eric Dalius Bitcoin says that both credit and debit cards are accepted in Coinmama. You can purchase from 10 different cryptocurrencies. 


If you have a lot of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies and you don’t want to sell them, you should use BlockFi. The platform allows you to earn interest by depositing your bitcoins in an account. You can also unlock your bitcoin from the deposit account if you want to sell, but remember that the interest rates can be anywhere between 3% and 9.3%. 


These are the top 5 exchange platforms where you can purchase and trade and sell bitcoins. Remember that bitcoin exchange platforms work as a middleman, connecting buyers and sellers. Hence, always be careful while choosing an exchange platform. It’s suggested to use exchange platforms for a couple of days before purchasing bitcoin through that medium. This way you’ll be able to know if the platform is perfect for you or not. 

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