Many people ask one common question about bitcoins. Is it still possible to make money with bitcoin even after a decade has been passed? Eric Dalius bitcoin says to be honest, bitcoin is still on the top of the chart. Moreover, bitcoin is considered the largest cryptocurrency in the world. 

Now here comes the main question. How to make money with bitcoin? Although there are tons of options, the popular options are bitcoin trading, mining, investing, micro earnings, and affiliate earnings.

Nevertheless, there are no methods that can guarantee you easy money. The amount of your profit is dependable on the method you choose as well as the risks you take.

In this article, we will discuss 4 ways that will help you to make money with bitcoin. Let’s begin.


One of the most popular ways to make money with bitcoin is by trading coins. If you have previous knowledge regarding trading charts and you’re prepared to take risks, then this method is ideal for you. Use any exchange platform to convert your local currency to digital currency (BTC). The trading option for bitcoin is available 24 * 7. Hence, you can trade at your convenient time. 

Remember that your profit from bitcoin trading is highly dependent on the market situations and your capability of analyzing trading charts.


Investing in bitcoin means holding the BTC until the price goes higher. If you’re ready to make your investment, make sure you know the perfect time to sell BTC. Additionally, don’t forget that bitcoin investment is a long-time process. Hence, you must store your bitcoins in a hardware wallet. 

You can also make money with bitcoin by investing in companies, startups, blockchain development, etc. If you make the right investment, you might hit jackpot as bitcoin price fluctuates frequently. 

However, keep in mind that you need to focus on different exchanges to find the perfect investment. 

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Suggests You to Prioritize Mining

This is the most popular way of making money through bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is nothing but a process of adding fresh blocks to the blockchain of bitcoins. You must solve cryptographic puzzles to receive bitcoin. 

If you have high computing power and technical knowledge regarding bitcoin mining, then this method is worth your effort and time. During the initial stage of bitcoin, the miners had earned a huge profit. However, nowadays you cannot mine bitcoin all alone.

You need to join a mining pool to mine bitcoins. You can also pay a cloud mining service if you want to make money. They will mine bitcoin for you and you’ll receive your share. 

Micro Earnings

You might’ve assumed that your fortune cannot be changed with micro earnings. However, if you apply this method wisely, you’ll be able to make a decent amount of money, says Eric Dalius Bitcoin.

You need to watch ads to gain money through micro earnings. Some PTC (Pay to Click) websites such as Coinadder, BTC4ADS will pay you in bitcoins when you watch the ads. You might also need to complete online surveys or watch YouTube videos to receive bitcoin.

Remember that the PTC website will reward you only a very small amount of bitcoin. You will earn anywhere between 0.05 USD to 0.07 USD after watching an hour-long video. Hence, if you want to spend your free time earning a small amount of money then choose the micro earnings method.


These are the 4 ways to make money with bitcoin. Even after a decade, bitcoin is dominating the crypto world. Bitcoin is highly volatile. The value of 1 bitcoin can decrease or increase within hours. Hence, you should always be careful while making money with bitcoin. Try to gain knowledge about the market. This will help you a lot with the earning methods.

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