Eric Dalius bitcoin observation says many people are interested to invest in bitcoin. As the price of bitcoin fluctuates frequently, most people hope to make a good fortune within days. But, the process isn’t that easy. 

Apart from investing in bitcoin, you can also generate profit by trading them. However, there is another way that will also help you to make money from bitcoin and that is bitcoin mining. 

Bitcoin mining is a process that digitally adds transaction records of the clips of blockchain. Bitcoin mining is also considered a record-keeping process that requires immense computing power to execute. 

Although mining bitcoin is an easy process, you have to remember few things while you start mining. In this article, we will discuss 4 steps that you need to keep in mind while mining bitcoin.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Suggests You to Purchase a Bitcoin Rig

This is the first criteria of mining bitcoin. If you want to mine bitcoins successfully, you need to purchase a mining rig. If you look at the beginning of bitcoin, you’ll notice that people used to mine bitcoins with simple computers and graphic cards. However, now it’s impossible to acquire bitcoins using these machines. You may be able to receive some bitcoins, but the amount won’t be worth your effort and time. 

Nowadays, you need to use special hardware to mine bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that are based on a similar algorithm. The hardware is known as ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Chips) that will help you to mine bitcoin faster. Aside from that, it consumes less energy. However, the device is not only expensive but the manufacturing process is also time-consuming. But, the speed of this machine is extraordinary. 

Get a Bitcoin Wallet

The next and probably the most important step are to create a bitcoin wallet. This is the place where you’ll be receiving and storing your bitcoins and will be able to manipulate them. Additionally, a bitcoin wallet will also help you to manage the address of your bitcoin.

Every bitcoin address consists of a public key as well as a matching private key, says Eric Dalius Bitcoin. The public key has a unique character combination and it works like a bank account number. In other words, you need to share your public key if you want to receive bitcoin from somebody. 

Join a Mining Pool

Even if you purchase the best ASIC mining rig, you won’t be able to gain bitcoin. As there are tons of large bitcoin mining farms all around the world, you cannot compete with them with a single machine. Additionally, mining bitcoins on your own isn’t always profitable. Hence, you should co-operate with a different miner in the mining pools. 

Miners in the group provide their computing power and after a bitcoin is successfully mined, the profit is divided amongst members based on their given powers. Your income will be lower if your work in a group, but remember that you’ll receive profit regularly. However, you need to pay a fee to the mining pool operator which is around 2% of the gained reward.

Get a Mining Program for Your Computer

Now that you have a bitcoin mining rig, a bitcoin wallet, and a mining pool, it’s time to search for a mining client to run your computer. It will allow you to connect with the bitcoin network as well as the blockchain. Mining software provides work to the miners, collects the completed mining tasks, and stores the information to the blockchain. Additionally, bitcoin mining software also monitors the activity of miners and some basic statistics such as hash rate, temperature, cooling, and average mining speed. 


These are the 4 steps you should remember if you’re considering mining bitcoin. When you have the perfect rig, wallet, mining pool, and software, you can start your bitcoin mining process. Don’t forget to read the news regarding the crypto market and especially bitcoin. The information will be helpful for your mining process. 

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