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Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius is The Executive Chairman of MuzicSwipe, a music and content discovery platform designed to maximize artist discovery and optimize fan relationships. He also hosts the weekly podcast "FULLSPEED," showcasing conversations with trailblazing entrepreneurs from various fields. Through the "Eric Dalius Foundation," Eric has created four scholarships for US students. Connect with Eric on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and

Exploring the Relationship Between Music Labels and Streaming Platforms

Exploring the Relationship Between Music Labels and Streaming Platforms

Streaming services have revolutionized the music industry, with millions of consumers opting for real-time listening experiences instead of traditional downloads, CDs, and other methods. As a result, many artists and music labels, especially new or small ones, have been impacted negatively due to financial losses and less income.
However, the dynamics are changing again with the rise of new technologies and solutions enabling artists and labels to connect with their audiences without relying on streaming services. As a result, all parties are now enjoying a more balanced relationship.

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