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Are Music Artists Better Audiophiles?

are musicians better audiophiles?

Millions of people in the world enjoy listening to music but have little to no formal training in the art. You definitely don’t need to be a musician to love music, that’s for sure. Many people will spend hours a day listening to music on their phones, in their cars, on the radio, or even in the shower. But ask them to play you an instrument or read a sheet of music for you, and they wouldn’t know where to begin.

So, we know you don’t need to be a musician to love music. But do you need to be a musician to be an audiophile? What exactly is an audiophile, anyway? And are musicians better audiophiles than those people that aren’t musicians? Read ahead to find out more.

What is an Audiophile?

An audiophile isn’t exactly what you might be thinking. From the term itself, you may assume that an audiophile is a person that loves music. While this is a simplistic understanding, it’s not necessarily true. An audiophile is a very enthusiastic person who cares deeply about high-fidelity sound reproduction. This means that an audiophile cares about the quality of sound in music and would prefer to listen to the high-quality music of a live musical performance.

While many musicians may be audiophiles and can care deeply about the sound quality of their music and their instruments, it is not necessary for all musicians to be audiophiles. On the flip side, not all audiophiles need to be musicians, either.

Are Musicians Better Audiophiles?

Now we come to the question of whether or not musicians are better audiophiles than those audiophiles that are not musicians. A musician who is an audiophile and an audiophile who is not a musician can both listen to the same piece of music and interpret it very differently. Both of these people would be highly concerned with sound quality, as is the basic requirement of being an audiophile. But one could argue that a musician may take things a step further and notice other things about a music recording, such as the rhythm of the song or the beats and so on.

On the flip side, if the audiophile who is not a musician had some basic grasp of music theory, they could also comment on music’s rhythm and beat. They would not need to create music or have the talent to do so while still being able to comment on music the same way the musician did. But then comes the question of practical experience that the musician audiophile would have over the regular audiophile.

Overall, it is quite difficult to say whether musicians would be better audiophiles than those who aren’t musicians. It might come down to individual examples of people and their feelings about sound fidelity in music, performances, and musical recordings.   

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