These days, scholarship committees are maintaining social distancing norms by taking video interview rather than conducting face-to-face interviews. Eric Dalius thinks that though the process is more or less the same for candidates, a few nuances are new in video interviews. Therefore, if a student is unaware of the process, he or she might fail to impress the interviewers.

There are different kinds of scholarships including merit-oriented ones coming from colleges or organizations as well as unique scholarships that you did not know existed. When it comes to scholarship video interviews, there are many ways to increase the possibilities of standing out from the rest. Here is how:

Eric J Dalius emphasizes on reading the application twice

Students should read the scholarship application at least twice, especially the essay they write and submit to win the reward money. There is a possibility that an interviewer will dig to extract some information the student shared. Therefore, it is wise to reread application materials, the essay, in particular, to check for any errors and rectify those. It is the best way to stay prepared for a video interview and answer any questions correctly related to the application and essay submitted.

Evaluate the requirements of the scholarship

The students need to analyze all the scholarship requirements first. Normally, the committee’s main concerns are reflected in the must-include list as well as the other materials defining the award. EJ Dalius asserts that by reviewing all details again, the students can memorize the essential points better. It will make candidates answer all questions correctly and speak confidently during the interview process. There are no chances of forgetting the key points or goofing up in the video interview.

Research on the scholarship organization

Students need to take some time out of their academics to research the scholarship organization. All they need to do is visit the organization’s website and read the ‘About us’ page thoroughly. Students should also read about the mission, vision, and values on the website. This way, they can learn about the awarding organization’s goals as well as priorities so that students can line up their answers properly during the scholarship video interview.

Wear the best scholarship interview uniform

In some cases, a video interview seems a little informal compared to a face-to-face meeting in person. Then, students should treat it very seriously as a remarkable event in their lives and dress appropriately.

Avoid giving your interview in shorts or pajamas, as that would lead to rejection. In case, a student requires standing up for any reason during the video meeting and seen in shorts, the result could be failing to succeed in the interview. Therefore, students must wear a top-to-bottom uniform including formal shoes. Men should wear formal shirts, trousers, ties, and women to wear formal attire, which is a necessity in these scholarship video interviews. Dress formally even when you are attending the interview from the comfort of your home.

Final words

Now that you know how to outshine in a scholarship video interview, you can prepare for the same accordingly. Good luck!

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